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I don't wanna be nasty and the media. I don't wanna, blah, blah, blah. That's why don't you know Gallivan were women on in public and all that other stuff. I don't wanna do all of that affectionate with your daughter when you're around here, are you home? Are God? This is this is therapy, but I need and I trust you. I. I swear to God. I probably realize this probably MAC that she bought the cooking. I have this deficiency like, whereas, like, I'll see my child. I'm crime is my eyes puffy. I've just calmed down. She comes up and it's like, is weird. Nobody. Why not feel me on his like. Go to your uncle, could I don't even wanna this sad, you know, my energy. I don't wanna. I don't wanna channel it through you up me crying and holding you like you you looking at your eyes. Make me think about what if I lost you for some weird reason, that's where my mom went and like I had to walk away from my daughter like, and that's when I realized I have a real deficiency with being gentle with. A small toddler girl. You know what I'm saying? I don't know have because it's like, I sometimes I imagine. Okay. What if I had a boy, I, I probably just joke with him on some daddy. She'll come on prime stop problematic. Away acquire little bit. But after you try and come on, come on over the debt, like I, it's a tone, come back to your, come on, crime showed him and you you, you. But I'm I'm trying to raise a strong woman and like the strongest woman that she knows her mother shit. One is wrong. I know is her mother? She's crying for a mother. I'm gonna take it to a mother because I don't know how to be. I don't. I, I realized that I don't know how to be gentle and be like, oh, baby. Read me ABC's in, oh, it always feels weird with me. And my sister telling me they like, you know, because of the way he was raised. Like you was raised in a way like you don't know how you've literally don't very hard to get what you don't. It's it's acting is acting if you don't, if you don't know it, it's literally acting and it's like, it makes sense. But I'm coming to this realization right now like like literally today almost calm. 'cause I was about to be too negative because I like I hate arguments that have anything to do my. Daughter, I hate him so much. And again, I say her mother is doing a great job. She's teeter my daughter's fast. He's a Vance. She's. Oh, he's just she's got like, she's got it, but I'm not a no. I'm not around him in the past ten days from LA to DC to Atlanta to Paris, New York, New York again, back to LA and now back to New York and like eleven days like I'm tired, right? You know what I'm saying into land and like, oh, you know, I might see some on Twitter or something like that. Like from somebody that she no was what's me. It's like this is feeling what got me mad. 'cause like I'm staying for that. I don't like no absentee five, but I, I can't get a can't get a private jet to go to your city. The for her, she wants you there for your daughter and for you. You have a goal that you're doing to try to make sure you take care of her great man. And I'm not saying that for my, I'm not saying this for me personally, but like right men and history that tried to do things. I've done things have always had multiple women, and I don't think that's because agreed or anything. I think it's because you sign up for something when you doing them with somebody that's trying to do something great. You sign up and you know they might. They might. They might really just be like, okay, I'm dedicated to. I wanna be graded. This job wanna be graded to speech. I wanna be graded this invention and they obsess over Steven Spielberg, Jim Hansen, all these people obsessed over the job to the maximum. I try to bro..

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