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Abide bility's at its finding including claims from automakers huh honda and toyota here in the us nike headlines the list of companies scheduled to report earnings this week bloomberg jeff bellenger reports there will be a lot of interest in nike's numbers on thursday the at lubbock were maker has beaten earnings estimates every quarter for five years roaming analysts predict nike will post a profit of fifty cents a share the show the list of marquee name companies also scheduled to report this week includes dardenne restaurants which has been outperforming other companies and the casual binding category and general mills which analysts say may have had disappointing sales kaby home pure one imports conagra constellation brands and mccormack will also open their books jeff problem bloomberg daybreak thanks jeff rio tinto is back it approved offer by yang coal australia for rios australian coal assets this after rio after the chinabacked company lifted its bid to fend off a bid challenged by glencore youngcho's newest offer is two point six nine billion dollars real says that you prefers gang close offer over glencore because the higher value a greater certainty of transaction approval dow futures right our fifty six the sp futures of five this is bloomberg five thirty three on wall street those good news from around the world this morning who say good morning to michael barr good morning john president donald trump says he does not believe republican leaders are that far off on passing parties all pure overhaul bill the measure is aimed at replacing president barack obama's affordable care act trump's assessment came as the senate's number two republican john cornyn of texas said passing the bill won't get any easier if republican leaders delay of floor vote white house counselor kellyanne conway on abc's this week says the republican bill does not cut medicaid but reduces it over several years as cut that slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting medicaid back to where was obama care expanded that that the poll of medical recipients beyond its original intensive however republican senator susan collins of maine also on abc's this week says she has very serious concerns about the measure very concerned about that caused them in terrance premiums sent deductibles particularly for that very vulnerable victorine the age of fifteen and sixty four the loves.

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