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The hells what is that is classic in his early holocene is there a vittal said i was like what is that but there was like a bomb or something in the studio was like what is going on around here oh my god all right mojo in the morning man we have the dirty coming up here in a little bit what what's on the way with the dirty so this new twist in angelina jolie and brad pitt's to your custody battle that's becoming very large and jamie foxx a story about jamie foxx not a good story about him slapping a woman with his junk and get into that good lord coming up in the turkey all right so you yesterday on the show we started off the program to our surprise finding out that slim was buying a moped i wanted to replay a bit of that so everybody could hear the conversation because you might have missed it if you don't listen to our show early at like six o'clock in the morning or if maybe you don't check us out on the iheartradio app if you do thank you for doing that by the way the iheartradio app in the mojo in the morning channel that we have their replace the show commercial free in its entirety after the show is over with but he drove his moped to work today and it's about to rain there's a there's a my app just alerted me that we're moments away from rain and it's parked out in the parking lot here at the station.

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