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Democrats now in control of the house, though to end the government shutdown to FOX's Joe NATO reports Republicans in the Senate and President Trump won't support the house Bill because. It doesn't pay for boarder wall. President Trump and the new speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi butting heads on the five billion plus dollars the president wants to build a barrier on the US Mexico border wall. You cannot have border security won't work can't say if you're not for the wall, you're not for blurred security that is a very false statement. So even though the house passed to democrat back measures to reopen the federal government Thursday neither included money for a wall and are apparently doomed to fail. Senate Republicans say they won't consider a measure the president's own sign and the president standing firm on border wall funding all this means the impasse continues. And so does the partial government shutdown in Washington chill? Nato? Fox news. The Afghan foreign minister taking issue with President Trump's claim that the former Soviet Union was right to invade Afghanistan in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and Kabul is now asking for former formal clarification. Foreign ministers said Trump's remark defies facts. And don't that the international community has long condemned. The invasion former US ambassador to Russia. Michael McFaul blasted the president's take on history. Everything he said was false about what happened and 'cause -ality here the Soviets did not invade Afghanistan to stop terrorism as an educator. Just embarrasses me Trump on Wednesday. You said during a cabinet meeting that Soviet troops in Afghanistan because terrorists were going into rushing at it. They were right to be there. The area's second largest mall is on the market colony center being sold by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and investment partnership colony Pacific will acquire the mall about six years ago. WJ y financial enlistee Boucher has a likely reason the mall is now up for sale. So Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought colony center when it wasn't doing as well as it is today, they probably feel that. Colony center is doing so much better. Now's the time to sell and that's the business. The rent to firms bought them all for one hundred six million generates two hundred fifty million in annual sales charges for a woman fun. Caroline, Greene county tried to illegally gain access to a school. Sheriff's office says at thirty two year old Michael and Goodrich using the alias Riley, Madison attempted to enroll in the KIRO Durham school district at the end of last month, claiming she was a fifteen year old homeless student Goodrich has been charged with offering a false instrument for filing which is a felony falsifying business records and criminal trespass. Sheriff's office says the school district follow the appropriate procedures and contacted local authorities Jim gangway Artie, NewsRadio eight and one zero three one WG walk. John of Waterford says by the eighteen hundred town tanks bills mailed to the post office were saying in air or to a Connecticut postal facility for processing that's resulted in a substantial delaying the deliberate a town. Tax payers in prior years, the mailings were processed directly of the wonderful office. But this year, they were forwarded to a facility in Albany New data released by the treasury department says the federal deficit is now grown by more than two trillion dollars under President Trump. Brian shook report the national debt is now at nearly twenty two trillion dollars. It's at seventy eight percent of the US gross national domestic product the highest that number has been since nineteen fifty on its current pace. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the national debt will grow to ninety six percent of GDP by twenty twenty eight President Trump vowed to reduce the debt to zero.

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