CBS, Kim Jong Hoon, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


Least one death is blamed on the flooding in northern California where a storm dumped twenty inches of rain and forty eight hours KCBS is Holly Quan says thousands of homes and businesses are flooded. Russian river runs four times higher than usual overhead. Power lines become a hazard. Forestville fire engineer. Bog Ramallah steers us underneath propane tanks. Trailers cars. We'll see that kind of stuff as the water recedes. We're gonna it'll be trapped. In the trees waterfront homes now are part of the river belts. I got three story house. Right now looks like a two story house. You guys can see the windows and won't be until Friday or Saturday until these homeowners can survey the damage Holly Kwan for CBS news on the flooded Russian river, President Trump is back at the White House. After cutting short his second summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Hoon he failed to hammer out an agreement to shut down Pyongyang's nuclear program. CBS's? Steven Portnoy has more White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders tweets that Donald Trump, quote refuses to make the same mistake that Barack Obama did not walking away from a bad deal with Iran. It's not clear when or even if Mr. Trump will meet with Kim Jong Hoon, again, the president has made no promises, but north Korea Central News agency says Kim has promised another meeting and in a statement surprisingly gentle in its tone, the north calls this failed summit successful meeting. Former trope lawyer Michael Cohen wrapped up third day of testimony on Capitol Hill today. CBS's Paula Reed says this time he was huddled with members of. The house intelligence committee the most important aspect of these behind closed. Doors hearings has been the Russia investigation Cohen is still cooperating with special counsel, Robert Muller. So he was not at liberty to really extensively discussed the Russia investigation in a public setting yesterday, but he is entitled to discuss that more extensively behind closed doors. I think that was definitely gonna be one of the focuses today. The committee has more questions for Cohen who will return next week. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on official notice that he is going to be indicted on corruption charges CBS set. Don't has details offering bribes of regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable news coverage allegedly trading legislation that would damage one newspaper for good precedent, another and accepting gifts from a Hollywood producer of cigars champagne, jewelry, totally more than a quarter of a million dollars for political favors. The move comes six weeks before a closely contested national. Election. This is CBS news..

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