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Okay, so we've talked to bruss. We've talked Swann. I want to get into a little bit of the new broadcast because again, we mentioned it's only been one game for the bruins, but there's been multiple national broadcasts. Obviously, ESPN and Turner now have the rights instead of NBC. We saw ESPN on Tuesday night of last week, which was like the opening night. It was what? It was lightning and rain. The lightning and the lightning and penguins was actually I'm thinking of Turner. Lightning. And then it was cracking in Vegas. Cognitive, which was way better game. It was bad. That was a horrible. Horrible, horrible fan. It was the whole thing. And then the next night Turner was caps rangers caps and Blackhawks. Abs Blackhawks. That's the first time we saw the Blackhawks just debacle. But I was watching. Yeah, I was watching the new broadcast. I wanted to see what do I like? What do I not like? My overall thoughts from both as I like both. I enjoy that it's on ESPN. I like that it's on Turner. We'll start with ESPN. It felt so professional when they did it really well. Kevin weeks is awesome during the initial. Kevin Kevin cone. Linda Cohn, and Kevin weeks are great together during the intermission. I like booty grass a lot. So I just enjoyed the broadcast. Did you have any thoughts from ESPN one? Yeah, no, I thought as you said, professional informative, good personality, said Emily Kaplan was awesome during the broadcast instead of literally we didn't have to listen to where a guy went to the USA channel because she got actual insight. We heard what people were saying on the bends. Like, actual information to an actual game, which is very refreshing. Yeah, I think both shows are both broadcast are very, very good. ESPN as much as I think people will see what happens when they get into more of the ESPN+ broadcast cloud. I feel like that's just going to really confuse people at first. So I think you have to navigate that hurdle because as much as I think ESPN is being very upfront like, don't forget, this is what you have to do. I know when we get to bronze games, especially I'm going to have people tweeting at me or having questions about it, which is understandable. It's definitely something in terms of pitching like, no, you need to get no, it's not ESPN. You have to subscribe to get this broadcast as well. That would be a.

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