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Going forward in the NFL in two thousand nineteen winter meetings spring meetings coming up in the NFL owners meetings. Two topics will be discussed because of what happened on championship. Sunday should non calls be review -able, especially if there is a grievous as Nicole will Coleman's hit on Tommy Lewis was in the NFC championship game. And should the overtime rule. Be different you. And I've said this for years, it's not recency bias, right? Talked about the longtime. Both teams you get a chance to possess the ball. And maybe we just need to look to our friends at the north. Yeah. So for the past interference being reviewable. They've been doing this in the Canadian Football League since two thousand and fourteen pass interference. Okay. You go. So get your boxer Tim Hortons while you mentioned under doughnuts. Listen to this. Here's how they do it in the NFL you get to timeouts per game. Okay. And how the challenges work you can only challenge if you have a timeout because the penalty for being wrong in your challenge is losing a timeout. Right. So if you have no timeouts you can't challenge. Now, just like at the end of the last two minutes of a half or the or the fourth quarter the review goes to the booth and the NFL well in the NFL they have a three minute warning at the coming at the end of the fourth quarter. So instead of a two minute warrants a three minute warning for the end of the game and at that point reviews go to the booth, but you can if you have a timeout left. There are six exceptions or a coach can still challenge a penalty in the last three minutes of the game as long as you have a time out you can challenge with these three of them are what we're talking about. The six exceptions the ones that apply to potential pass interference are defensive has interference offensive pass interference and illegal blocking downfield on a pass play. Okay. So basically the coach even though you're in the last three minutes of the game. If you have a time out left and allowed use one even if you have to have us one time minutes in the last three minutes of their the game. If you have a timeout you can use a coach's challenge, I'm defensive pass interference offense a pass interference early blocking downfield now, I just I haven't read what you're reading. So I wanna make sure I'm clear on this. You can challenge something that didn't happen or just that. I it does not say that's the way it says challenge, you can only only one play per game is team must have at least one time out left in the half and question to do. So because the penalty for rejected reviews loss of time out. It does not say in here, if something was not called can you still challenge it and say it should have been called, right? Just like what happened in New Orleans? I it does not say here. I don't want to assume. But you would think you would right? I mean that would kind of be all encompassing there. Otherwise, would the language would be more specific. Exactly, exactly. But so right now and this. Has been going out again since two thousand fourteen you can challenge pass interference in the NFL. Well, and here's why I think that's a good idea because I've seen other rules in the NFL. I would love to see implemented in the NFL. Look no further than November game between the Ottawa red blacks and the Toronto Argonauts the are the red blacks one that twenty four nine and after a one yard touchdown the CFL's offensive lineman for the red blocks. John God who played his college ball Boise state celebrated the touchdown by running over to the stands where his girlfriend was taking her beer and chugging the beer in celebration. And by the way, got no flag. No flag, Drake. Because no part in Canada's drinking beer legal. That's okay. Nowhere no out obviously after an age limit, of course. But then go ahead score touchdown beyond the field. Run over to the stands, chug a beer awesome. Now that is awesome. Here's the deal that happened in the NFL. Would it be a penalty because he chugged the bureau because he used a device product the beer be considered a prop came. Yes. Absolutely. It looks like a real beer to me. I'm watching it more. What would be considered you're using a prop? Just like if you use the football as property it would be a penalty. So I think you get the bad part about that is if the person doing it because those after a touchdown was on the kickoff team. Yes. Do you imagine chugging aveer? And that happened to be on the kickoff team down the field. But let me ask you this is, you know, this how many offensive lineman on the kick a. If it was like, a tight end or something like that. Then you running down on the on the kickoff team. And then you've got some twenty yard line. As you can see right there. The twenty five yard is just so awesome. Do chug appear in his uniform after touchdown and didn't get penalized. Again, people look to Canada while figured out coming up. It's a big day for awards announcement. Oscar nominees are out in the.

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