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Right Across from the White House a lot of injuries to police. Officers are send things were so bad that the secret service recommended the president go down to the bunker we can't have that in our country. Okay. So I'm coming to Ali Y'all really quickly whose version are you buy here? I think that. Bar is covering his but here because we know that he's the one who gave the order to remove the peaceful protesters and use tear gas and rubber rubber bullets on them. So he has to cover his behind by saying it was Oh, it's very dangerous. Meanwhile, buckle boy is. Of. made he doesn't look like is not macho enough, and so that's what the problem is. But you know trump had to be careful because everybody will turn on him eventually to cover their own but exhibit a a bar. Sunny. Well exactly. It just seems to me at what I watch these protests I remember watching protesters being tear gas. And bullets rubber bullets being shot at them. So it doesn't feel to me like this is a country that's being very supportive of peace peaceful protests. And it's obvious that the president was rushed into into a bunker I've never seen a president having. You. Know tour a bunker. Plenty people work at the white tag do that. We have one. Chris Wallace next and I'd love to hear what he has to say. Well here's my opinion about this. We'll be right back. Fox News Channel Anchor Chris Wallace thing to president's push for law and daughter will resonate or backfire with Americans..

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