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Doctor's offices are doing a good job. Is, it just worry about covid nineteen that's driving so many Texans to skip preventive healthcare visits or is it an economic decision for some? We asked the question in terms of whether you were skipping or delaying care because of covid. And We asked it in a way that you could tell if you're skipping because of covid financial hardships or fear of contracting the the I, I can't say based on our study what what about this other recent report focusing more on people facing financial hardship due to the pandemic can you you speak to that? It's actually part of the thing survey. We did a statewide survey that looks at what people were doing in terms of health and health care including health insurance, and then we looked at financial hardship and we also looked at what their expectations and predictions were for the future. We did that statewide and then we broke it down by three region Harris County being one of the region, and the the the findings are fairly consistent across the state and that there aren't wild variation but you do see differences in certain regions for certain questions. So for example, Statewide week show that the Third Reich for adult. So that nineteen sixty four. So kids who are on Medicaid or chip and not seniors on Medicare went up to thirty seven percent or to twenty seven percent however in Harris County is thirty one percent and then the rest of Texas minus Harris County. twenty-three percent. So there are disparities in various of these category in various regions that told the state totals either higher or lower. Do you have any sense as to why Harris County may have higher percentages and in some of these cases? Well. The urban areas are more likely to have more people who were uninsured in the first place other than the valley, and we don't have a regional sample for the valley. So the biggest deficits we saw or changes were in bear county and in Harris County we probably in those two counties have more undocumented people than the state generally, and that may account for some of that. The other thing I saw in in terms of the Insurance Coverage that was interesting and. Concerning is you know the largest provider of health insurance generally are employers as a particular sector and we have seen a decrease in employer sponsored insurance over the last twenty years and what we saw in.

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