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Federal judge Alison Burroughs says while Harvard's admissions process is not perfect it does pass constitutional muster frustration in South Boston where residents are dealing with addicts hi housing prices and a lack of resources WBZ's Karen regal reports tell it's nearly lives in South Boston he came on Friday to discover homeless encampments and the private alley behind his home the process to get trespassers off his property he says what's frustrating I met this homeless person you know they they seem like they're generally just on their last little luck here but you can't live by my house it's a fire hazard there is no wasted and needles and all the kinds of things that go with that I'm at home now as well to the mayor's office which says people should call three one one when this happens and in most cases it will respond in clean up even on private property in South Boston Karen regal WBZ Boston sneeze right. support on Beacon Hill for bills to improve benefits for the state's public safety officers and police fire and corrections former Somerville detective Mario Olivera testified he nearly died in twenty ten after being shot multiple times on the job he went back to work eight months later to pay the bills only to have a heart attack Woburn officer Robert to Napoli told of being shot at a jewelry store heist he lost the tip of a finger is blind in one eye and has difficulty walking one bill would increase compensation from seventy two percent to one hundred percent of regular pay for injured officers across the pond they are set to unveil the new and improved final brexit deal offered to the European Union ABC's Tom rivers has more with the clock ticking down toward an exit deadline at.

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