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Quinn. Here's what's happening. A report of a man with a shotgun. Sends a Westchester hospital into lockdown. Glenn Chuck is in bronxville is morning subway, tree going a little faster these days, the MTA says it has increased the speed limit for trains at more than two dozen locations. Reminder, say their planes are safe but to seven thirty sevens have crashed within five months among those killed in yesterday's EP crash, eight Americans and a woman who was trying to get a selfie and got clawed. By a Jaguar zoo in Arizona apologizes. Leather says it turns out mostly sunny today with a gusty wind the high today. Fifty one degrees. This is Martha another five minutes. I'll tell you why. Knicks fan shouldn't be upset at all about Las six in a row and how we're guaranteed at least one local school. We'll be dancing this time next week. I'm rob Walsh. The next ten ten wins. Neighborhood spotlight is just days away. Find out more on the bottom line for small business wins news time, eight forty one that Sandra traffic and transit and Karen Stewart. Well, we just talked about the Bronx with two accidents on the Bruckner. They both been cleared right around the same time to one was over at east Tremont. The other one was near the hunts point drawbridge. So they're both gone. The Bruckner southbound is still packed in pretty tight from the interchange out to the Sheridan and the delays judge one hundred and thirty fifth go back to one hundred and forty nine. We've also got these very heavy delays to and from the RFK. The Harlem river drive is a mess. Once you get off the RFK on the upper east side, it starts at one hundred and thirty eight th street. The southbound Jeff DR drive does not quit until you get to fifty third and then it's heavy again from forty second street pretty much. All the way down to east Chelsea somewhere around twenty third or so northbound delays between the queens midtown tunnel in the fifty ninth street bridge there as well. Leaving us with heavy delays across the fifty ninth street bridge and the queens midtown tunnel queens midtown tunnel. Westbound ally delays now go back to MAURICE avenue. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels at the Hudson's thirty end GW's upper twenty five of the lower forty five at the Lincoln still, unfortunately, and the inbound side of the Holland is still dealing with a forty five minute delay. We.

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