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Back over to motorsport radio we've got a full guide of the nineteen nineteen season today. Eight on radio sounds visual radio as well. You can also head over to motorsport dot tv for a bit of an archive. Thank you for joining us. I'm alongside sorry me is liam. Hudgens lamb great racing over the last five rooms. This is now where the championships starts to get serious star to be decided. It takes a slightly different from antiquity for the riders to go racing for point nine pole positions and wins. Doesn't it does indeed because you've championship to protect if you're losing it or whereafter embroiled baked battle at some of these writers are in each of the classes for example the energy and of course a issue fourteen rookies just a couple of classes to mention that many cheap is well. They wanted to go for the ones but sometimes you just got arena back the half a percent so we don't push just over the limit too much because if you do that then you could go down could potentially thanks to break the bake whatever happens you may listen championship points so you've got to definitely championship bottle there so as we can see the raiders does make the reins the tractor. We've got to donmar west the grant well as the virus head over to the grid grid. This will be heading up to the green flag say what is getting free knowledge of the psyche before the final app before the race starts but it will be for the first race of the weekend mason foster on pole position the number a._c._a. Binder ahead of place in edmonds ethan sparks and samuel munson on vo two with mccartney <hes> charlie huntingford on three blake wilson finishes luke's cowfield and gregg marshall round out the top turn with holly harris max verity on six warwick brady and jacob stevenson matt is your seventh row of the grid and as they make their way up to the this will be the full the race gets underway. We've got a bit of anticipation to go before they starts and as we are about to head on to the first race of the weekend the a._c. Forty pros just remind the record has asset last season was a fifty four point eight seven two that was separate. Johnny gone s with a fifty four point eight seventeen <hes> reuter who set the fastest the record lifetime haney a._c. Forty rookies that was some months in with a woman at zero point six to seven but the writers look towards start start lights for the first time this can round six off the twentieth nineteen kufra bracing british many bike championships get underway. There's a bit of a role from a couple of items is heading over the line for the first time. It's a nine race in prospect for the a._c. Forty pros a good start by everyone say make day way through the first year. Corners is cleaning up towards christmas ben that toy which can have some great overtaking opportunities they had through the wind through the dust. There's loads atmosphere and conditions affecting them and they're pushing hard on this first lap out of nine. Go run the rest of lot but number one mason foster selling off at this race the when they're on stuck. It doesn't look like he's pushing them off the truck which is great to see and listen to because over so we don't want anyone going off the track but some once in a great starts and it looks like he may be and two second place. It's just a heads of the one four secs off. Cleaton edmonds ends but as a raiders made the way through the final corner they'll come across the rumble strip and onto the start finish straight. Now were greedy for the back. They're just a hey all couple. A couple of the raiders restart their from the number nineteen of awarded brady put as mason foster what i have one point three second advantage over samuel months.

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