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Me. Ohio republican senator rob portman because he has a pretty generally modern record and he's retired so no real political cost anyway. well what. What are your thoughts on this. The cr yeah. I probably would have voted with Senate leader mcconnell I probably typically would right around and look. I think this was a this was a republican win in that they got essentially the clean bill. They want it right That there's an extension They avoided the the argument that they've somehow shut down the government But at the same time they're keeping everybody's feet to the fire by by setting a by making only run through december so Look this is what mcconnell wanted. And i i often lament Republicans were the casey stangl. Can't anyone here play this game But mitch mcconnell played the game. He played it well. And i you know kudos to. I don't i don't think he you know you. And i when we talked to a couple of weeks ago. Neither one of us leave that we would reach this. You know shutdown type thing was it was brinksmanship and someone would Would do something eventually at and they did so. Yeah i'm i'm in the same position i've completely unsurprised about that. Cr are just a basically a matter of course at this point and so yeah. I think it was pretty unsurprising. I actually think this was the way it should have gone. I was not. I was not crazy about tying the cr to the debt ceiling in any case i think there are two separate things and so i'm perfectly fine with with how this happened and speaking and i should've i should've yeah. I should have made that clear what i was talking about. I said clean bill. That's what the democrats had wanted was votes were drawn on both at the same time and republicans are are very much opposed to giving democrats a free pass on the that ceiling absolutely and speaking of the debt ceiling noth-. Nothing much has changed really with that though this week. Treasury secretary janet yellen said that even with the extraordinary measures the department is taking the debt ceiling will be reached by october eighteenth. But she also said you know that it's only an estimate and that this uncertainty underscores the critical importance of not waiting to raise or suspend the debt limit and yellen also. This week voiced support for legislation introduced in. May that would repeal the debt ceiling entirely. She noted that as congress makes these decisions approves these decisions on taxes and spending. It should also provide the ability to essentially honor those prior obligations. And i wanted to get your take on that. I mean janet. Yellen nova lot about the economy as she's only in economist. Not only the treasury secretary but she's also a former chair of the federal reserve. And so what do you think about You know her ideas and yeah. Let's just repeal the debt ceiling entirely..

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