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Business wars daily is brought to you by Pitney Bowes, and send pro online shipping can be complex with the uncertainty over costs and deciding which carrier to use plus tracking your packages things can get confusing. Stay tuned to the end of the show to find out how Pitney Bowes and send pro online can save you time and money and to get a special offer just for listeners of the show. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Wednesday March sixth now, here's an invention for anyone who's ever commuted miserably and wall-to-wall traffic, an in-car technology that helps you sail down the street by catching all the green lights. It's called green light optimized speed advisory or glose up the dashboard feature tells you what speeds to drive to avoid having to stop at red lights. Well, so far Gloser is only available to the lucky and affluent few Audi has deployed in several late model cars and drivers must ante up an extra two hundred bucks a month for a concierge subscription, enabling glauca and some other connected features in Britain Jaguars trying out this new tech. And it's a luxury crossover SUV the F pace other vehicle makers, including BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are reportedly working on it as well. For those of us without the latest model. Luxury cars there's a free smartphone at that'll give green guidance made by. Connected signals one of the companies behind Gloser. The app is called enlighten Lhasa doesn't work on its own. It uses wifi technology and sensors to communicate with traffic signals right now. Gloser works in parts of thirteen metro areas, including Denver, Dallas, New York City northern Virginia and Washington DC close is one component of a broader technology called vehicle to everything. Meaning just what it sounds like your car will eventually communicate not just with traffic signals. But with other cars as well. And it'll probably alert drivers to the existence of pedestrians, bicyclists and other hazards on the road, eventually abbreviated as V to X. The technology is a foundation for driverless car future. In fact, cities all over the country have been adding V to X to their transportation infrastructure. The point isn't just to make life easier for frustrated commuters for cities, it's a way to reduce congestion and make streets safer. Theoretically that fewer stops driver makes the steadier the pace at which they drive that should make for safer driving lower emissions and fuel savings. Not to mention a happier commute to work. From wonder this is business wars. David. Hey, take a minute to tell us more about yourself. Would you just drive on over two one dot com slash survey? Answer a couple of quick questions. You'll make our I'm David Brown seen him. Shipping can be complex with the uncertainty over costs and deciding which carrier to use plus tracking your packages things can get confusing. Well, now there's a better way to ship sent pro online by Pitney Bowes with central online. You can easily compare USPS and other shipping options in all in one online tool, you can print shipping, labels and stamps on your own printer and track all of your shipments. And check this out USPS postal rates increased back on January twenty seventh. But with sent pro online, you can still access savings of up to forty percent off USPS priority, mail shipping and five cents off. Every letter you send central online is only fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month, and you can get a free thirty day trial. When you visit PB dot com slash b w daily. You'll also receive a free ten pound scale to help. You weigh your packages and accurately calculate the cost of shipping. That's PB dot com slash. BW daily and thanks to Pitney Bowes and central online for sponsoring the show.

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