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This movie is at complete disappointment because i like to go back and see what the great roger ebert said about these movies and usually have a pull quotes that i prepared uh but it didn't have that one on this but i have pulled up the review and very surprisingly uh roger ebert did was not a fan of this movie really yeah it's kind of disappointing he gave it two and a half stars now's read a couple of little selections here unfortunately this good movie is buried beneath millions of dollars that were spent on production value that wreck the show this is often the fate of movies with actors in the million dollar class like newman having invested all that cash and a superstar the studio gets nervous inside spend a lot of money on its investment that's what happened here the movie starch promisingly when amusing period piece newsreel and then there's a scene in the tavern but the tough gambler and that's good but then the trouble starts after heyrman hires the posse it's called the super posse because it's includes all the best laumann and trackers in the west when it approaches the ground rumbles and we get the feeling it to supernatural force which indicate try to hide in the badlands but the super posse cannot be fooled it's always on their track forever uh any bear he basically says that this goes on forever and it gets bogged down and never recovers from that kind of second act tracking while which i totally disagree with yeah i do too i do too i i sort of understand it because it it feels like it does feel like well this is the rest of the move you know his name being pursued by these guys but then it's like okay that's an expectation but just because they subverted video he's the first rex dictation that's not the movies fault right you know they're allowed to make the movie that they wanna make right yeah it's i'm really surprised because this is a.

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