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Better after that right now, Temp is 66 at 700. W. Well w 700 wlw sport people rolling over in bed wondering what the Reds did last night said what they do The sports brought to you by Richter and Phillips voted again Best jewelers in Cincinnati. Reds Update. REDS come from behind to knock off those Dodgers last night 6 to 5, making it two in a row and Chavez ravine. Jesse Winker started things off Walker Bueller's first pitch went over the wall. Then the L. A one of 5 to 2 in the sixth Reds come back started an inning later. Kyle Farmer with an R B, I single that Joey Vados snapped a over 15 slump. With a big two run double in the Reds go onto the wind. Ryan Hendricks turns his first big league win and relief Sean Doolittle is first save The Reds bullpen No hits the Dodgers over three and a third innings the rest of the way. First time the Dodgers in lost three in a row and 605 days. Syriza wraps up today reds Go for the sweep and get out the broom. Sonny Gray up against Clayton Kershaw. 3 10 with the art l carriers in sight pit. You know the last time the Reds would have swept the Dodgers in L. A. It's been a while, long time ago. It's been a while. I'm looking that up as we speak, right. I'm sure somebody will call us Yes. So, Lance, Lance, if he's you know, he's always less wake up. Laugh. Wake up, land. Somebody wake up, Lance, get go next door knock on his door. He'll He'll be he'll immediately. No, he knows everything. Just 700 wlw..

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