Saddam Hussein, Twenty Thirty Years discussed on Coast To Coast AM: Somewhere In Time


What about Saddam Hussein could you locate where the real Saddam Hussein is through remote viewing it might be possible. But you know, there's there's a problem here. And it's called time space changing, and he moves around so much time. You get information. Even if he grew right on it would be probably out of date. So there's there's the problem of how would you actually apply this stuff in a reasonable amount of time? So there are some real operational problems and constraints as. There are for any kind of data when you're talking about this type of application is there any restriction. With regard to the information, you can gather and what I mean by that is. Can you can you gather? Information, for example. You wanna know what the next winning lottery number is you want to know what stock market is. I've had people tell me that that kind of information cannot be gathered that only sort of positive information can be discerned. Is there any truth to that? Or is this? I would imagine any science could be applied in any way. Good or bad. That's a good question. It's one I've certainly been wrestling with for twenty thirty years. Let me answer that in several ways in terms of numbers. I can loughry. I think the probability of success applying either remote viewing or any form of si- is very low in the research side in laboratory work, we find it numbers and words are not usually picked up rarely it. It does happen. But it's very rarely. I would not put too much money on it. If somebody comes up with the lottery number so I think there's a some kind of practical or operation limit.

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