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And he's an amazing sweetheart friend of mine. I just spent some time last week. The go. Okay. So he goes, he goes big to Hussein Rourke was intone. Did you even know if, if a tree falls in wooden nobody sees it? Did it full? My, my, my, how many people showed up for his rally today? Zero point zero I wouldn't go that far, but actually he went from two thousand in Fort Worth when he was running against cruise in the driving rain to then, like three to five hundred when he did his last one in Fort Worth in good weather week, a few months month or two ago and so amazing from two thousand five hundred or three hundred and then he, then he goes to doing a restaurant appearance today. Restaurant appearance. There you go. He unveiled his plan, which is zero outlays for the border wall. If you're legal and you're not a criminal, you just just come just go. There's no, we don't stop you. We don't do you know as long as you're not a criminal just go. We're not gonna hold you back or anything. So meanwhile, you might wonder what the breaking news tonight and we do actually have genuine breaking news. Breaking news of that..

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