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The first time round kamara was now introduced which would have profoundly influenced the witnesses decision alone with his height and distinctive. We've clothing of a prison issue. Blue stripe shut andbranch rouses. The identification paraded not followed proper procedure june part of the difficulty difficulty in assembling a procession consisting of men who had the same skin color and it breached identification rules should have been set parades made made up of different people appoint tonight again is that raymond gilbert was not picked out boy any witnesses and also had no forensic links to the crime crime other than his own admission of guilt. The appeal also acknowledge solicitor rex makin who represented both guild baton kamara was relatively the inexperienced in criminal work at the time the crown had not informed the defense that mrs edmonds who identify john kamara had given evidence in another case ice in which her brother was ultimately convicted we that information the defense could have used that to question her honesty while the appeal judges did not agree that they suggested the witness was lying and should not affect the safety of cameras conviction. They understood that mrs edmunds had visited you too brother in prison. After his conviction with him wearing prison issue cliven the same style of shirt and trousers kamara was wearing you know the statements not provided to the defense these included a number of details which vastly contradicted the crown series of events one witness stated they saw van approaching the betting shop and four men jumped out bus they weigh in along with a witness confirming the john suffield had had been threatened the day before his murder but this was not adequately explored by police the further testimony provided by fellow prisoners who said to hurt kamara admit to the crime were later withdrawn counsel for the appellant michael bom bom described the case as is disturbing and said this is a case of a kind which in one respect at least one would hope is a thing of the past this is to say case case in which the turns out to have been a massive nondisclosure at the trial the defense presented its case silence install over the court and when the three judges began to discuss a matter in whispered times neither counsel for the crown defense could hear what they were saying. The judges then retired unsure of what would come next. Everyone in the court had to wait five minutes before they returned the public galleries full.

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