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Tammy. You've been in calgary bisque and i'm gonna. I'm gonna beat. Ya you better not say you had no biscuit. No no biscuit biscuits man. I don't i remember what the k._f._c. because they had advertised the new cinnabon fucking street just biscuits with cinnamon on god. They're mad eh cinnabon. K._f._c. biscuits would fucking la- cinnamon and so mad so so pissed savary buttery a._f._c. biscuit. It was the dryest fucking of so pissed off. We should probably take take a break so do yeah me too. I'm yes ma'am. I love uh-huh. I love crazy always fuck escape so chris. I'm thinking about taking. I'm thinking about huggy or with a really good a black woman okay and i'm gonna tell you about it after the break okay and then we're going to talk about it more on a trip to canada okay so we're gonna take a break chris going go choke wehner and we'll be right back so i have to ask you something. Do you ever get hot. Flashes and chills like do or child. Let me tell you about that. Ember wave temperature is a personal thing pingyao. Everyone has their own idea of what they're right temple to is and i bet you had no idea that most public places heat or cool the room which is only comfortable double for eighty percent of the people imma wave is not your medical device for those with the medical condition related to attempt to amber waves.

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