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But it didn't work because the next morning at lindow came in with a little box that he'd obviously wrapped himself and he left it around my desk and i wouldn't tell everybody was gone before i open it up i unwrapped it and it was a matchbox and opened it up and inside was a matchbox car was a nineteen seventynine yellow corvette stingray and some of the paint was missing it'd been rubbed off and my heart just sunk to my stomach i thought my god he's giving me one of his toys and i can't take one of his toys and so i went down to his parents house or to his house and he live in the camp not far from the school and when i knocked his mom answer the door i held out the car and i said i told of the stories that are gave me one of his toys and i can't accept this but she didn't take it she gave me the the moment ethos sign and she went back into the house and a little while later she came back with a shoebox and in the shoebox were lots of matchbox cars and she said every day when i dean bill comes home from school he gets this shoebox and he gets his cars and every day the first car that he pulls out of this box is the yellow corvette that's why chose that one to give to his teacher that's why chose that one to give to you so at this point my heart's go for my stomach up into my throat and i'm trying to tell her you know how i felt and it came out something i do.

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