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Agent. She could go anywhere. She can go to W. E. Annex. T ed ring of honor again. Go anywhere she wants she is. I think one of the best woman in wrestling right now killing Klein my opinion. Yeah she's up there now she She was in a fucking big fish in a small pond. Yes and now she just got caught cheating and her. PJ whitmer have officially filed for divorce. There's a lot of bitched. Oh after everything. BG Whitmer did for her defending her talking to her until my hand. Oh Dude is a bitch. Oh is because he said and also media yes thank you God. It's the same argument is you're ruining her fucking business. Now fuck the business. It's like do what I know. mant listen let me let me pull back the curtain a little bit of my personal life. Listen I didn't fucking shared on. Aw Social media on fucking on turnbuckle tablet or tear. So be but. I was cheated on right. I didn't fuck in trash trashed though the person's name to mark no it just happened and you have to as it is and you'll do that. The poster was this is not a public matter. This is private. It's just like I did the other day. There's some dummy posted and I've been my. I had my heartbroken heartbroken. Blahsy blahsy blahsy Blah. Please don't know he said don't twenty one share it's fucking Poi- really you want somebody to know you want people to ask your attention exactly. Yeah that's what. BJ WHITMER is attention. Whore and do duty that diminishes. Kelly Klein's need no actually makes. BJ whitmer like a fucking bitch does make just say bits that you're a female it's like no you're a bitch. You're a big and I WANNA get quickly into this whole whole thing when you say and worried worried about somebody especially these days without the heart E. R. When you say the GE when you say that it's because they describe a guy. When I say a bitch is not describing being a female you do feminine fucking things? Yup you're a bitch your bitch and that's exactly what I know. A lot OUGHTA females. That are act act more like an words. You know what. I'm saying so contradictory thing but no you did a bitch thank you come on man. You violate it's on. You violate because at the end of the day tight Exactly you tied you. Say where it's like. You're what were you. Your reaction was your pets it. Can you imagine I got cheated on. And it was a it was a crushing thing for me in my life and it was something hoping that brought down and broke my family everything and please please pray for me because I got cheated on. But don't Ask me about this red stupid ass. The fuck up. If you've.

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