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And 18th, which was a place ahead of Lewis Hamilton. In 19th and indeed, Lewis Hamilton came in 5th behind Carlos Sainz. So two brilliant recovery drives no watching Game of Thrones on the iPad for Lewis today, which is what he said before the race. If he was going to be stuck in a boring DRS train, Sergio Pérez had a moment early on. His brakes were on fire. I thought that could be a race ending moment actually, but got that under control coming home. 6th in the end. Again, you could say that was a good recovery drive for him. You could say that or not. Terrible, terrible bog down start, Paul Lando. We think his own fault. I've not seen any kind of mechanical reasons why coming home in the end. A little bit heartbreaking for Daniel Ricciardo as a DNF on lap 45. Pierre gasly kind of just falling away a little bit starting 5th finishing 8th we've mentioned Nick devries joke when you good points for him actually good race. You could say, well, you know, couldn't overtake a guy who had about 24 hours notice to get in the car. So is that good or not? Interesting for the alpines, of course, because Fernando Alonso was a DNF and ocon came home 11th. I think that's only the second time this year that Alpine has failed to score points in the big midfield battle with McLaren money to check that. Final rundown of where we are in terms of the drivers, championship Max Verstappen, 335 points leclerc two one 9 Sergio Pérez two ten and George Russell ahead now of Carlos Sainz in the drivers championship two O three plays one 8 7, which is just crazy to think about and in the constructors championship Red Bull. On 5, four, 5 ahead of Ferrari's four O 6, a Mercedes, closing the gap. The gap widened because they got a few points, didn't they? But they're on three 7 three 7 one. So look, there are other storylines there, but I think that we've covered off the big stuff today. Am I missing anything guys? You feel strongly about talking about anyone that we haven't shown the spotlight on yet. Okay to move on, good, because I mean, we could spend all night talking about each individual driver, but I think we're good. I think we're good. A little break now, little mini break. If they're ever a break in Formula One, a small break, and as Alex mentioned, he'll be on the plane to Singapore stunning race that we're looking forward to next is the end of the European season comes to an end. I've talked too much at the end of this podcast fully aware of that. Thank you for joining us. Sorry. I had to get through stuff. Thank you very much for listening to the auto sport podcast that I really, really appreciate it. And make sure that you stay tuned, got some really good shows coming up over the little mini break that we have now, including talking about how auto sport broke the news about piastre that's a podcast you can listen out for in a few days time. Thank you very much for listening and we'll be back soon.

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