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News. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks and bob imler and the WTO traffic center. In Virginia on glee broad south of chain bridge road, all traffic is stopped or diverted if your southbound coming from the chain bridge will have to turn on to one 23 in other words because of the crash there. Meanwhile, 66 has the work zone, it is eastbound after 28 and there you're getting my single file to the left and they're blocking the right lane after the fairfax county Parkway. And on the inner loop beltway after one 23 toward the toll road working along the left side and north bat on 95, you're down to a single lane getting by the work zone after exit one 36 centerport Parkway heading towards Stafford now in Maryland, southbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, getting by single file to the left around the incident, which I believe was a car fire and possibly a crash there too, but in any event single left lane was getting by traffic was held for quite a while around this and at southbound before four ten delays are starting right at the beltway and on 95 northbound. There is a work zone before the Baltimore beltway and getting by to the right without delay. Two 70 is running well in each direction, 50 out to the bay bridge also in great shape. While silver diner is ready to play ball after 33 years, silver diner is now in D.C. across from Nats parks overnighter brings its healthy and its classic menu options to the navy yard neighborhood, eat well, do well. Bob and Ludwig traffic. Storm team four is Amelia Draper this evening. After record warmth out there today we stay extremely mild with likely more rugged warmth tonight, looking at a low of only 60° our average low about 30, so temperatures tonight running 30° above normal with cloudy skies. Yeah, roll out an isolated shower, but most of the area stage dry cloudy star tomorrow with some rain during the afternoon and evening hours plenty of dry time, though, and Heisenberg 70 again. Still mild on Thursday with partly sunny skies, highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s, and stumping for a meteorologist stimulated rapper. Right now, a DuPont circle 61, Germantown 65, annandale 64°, down to the upper 50s. We'll have the latest on the drama in the U.S. House with so far Republicans unable

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