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Merrily. We wanted to understand what their attitudes are denied. Because we'd studied every other group in the workplace but we hadn't looked at at straight white men who you know hold so much positional power and if we're really going to drive change. We all need to be engaged. When i found so encouraging was one we asked then majority men. You know how important is deny to you at work. So not you know. Generally as a general good but how important is diversity and inclusion to use civically at. Were we found that only ten percent of majority men sad. It's not important to me at all and forty two percent said it's very important to me so to me that gives me hope. And the efforts in statements we see coming out from a livestream male corporate leaders and the their intentions in there a weakening around race. You know my desire is to extend that to keep their attention to ensure is a sustained movement. But i have a lot of hope that it can be based on those survey results. We also found that those true believers we call them. Those who think dna is very important are highly likely to be senior and as you said david so important that they set tone so that's something that has given me hope. I did not realize that there was that kind of a base of work and so we did find that they're not as likely to To act indian either more likely to believe in it but less likely to be an actively so i think that's what we need to accomplish as a movement is to ensure that base is activated as allies. Bad there's a lot to work with their. So that's something i've changed my mind on and really excited about julia taylor. Kennedy is with the center for talent innovation. The new report is the power of belonging what it is and why it matters in today's workplace. Julia thank you so much for all your work. Thank you so much for highlighting at dave and for having me on. You heard me introduce juliet being from the center for talent innovation and right after we recorded this conversation they announced a change of name for the organization. They are now called cocoa. And so you'll find references to that in the episode notes today and also this week's weekly leadership guide julia. Thank you and your entire team. At coco for the continued work. You are doing in the space. In addition several other related episodes. You may want to out if this conversation has gotten you thinking. I'd recommend my past conversation with julia as well episode. Three ninety eight what you gain by sponsoring people also with julia in that conversation. We talked about the distinctions between mentorship and sponsorship. And i loved the distinction. She makes in that conversation about mentors. Talk with you sponsors. Talk about you. It's a shift that many of us should be thinking about in how we lead and support folks inside and outside of our organization three ninety eight a great complement to this conversation today about belonging also recommended his episode four forty one that journey towards diversity and inclusion willie jackson was my guest on that episode a leader very much in the space. We talked about the journey that you may take as a leader but also your organization may take towards diversity and inclusion another good complement to this conversation again. That's absolute four forty one also helpful to you may be a episode that aired earlier. This year on the dave's journal podcast called changed my mind as a recent events have unfolded. I've changed my mind on things over the last few years. I did a deep dive on that. In that episode. You'll find that on the journal. Podcast and linked up in the notes as well and then finally i also produced a audio course a free audio course earlier this year and the title. That is making the most of mentoring. Mentoring is one way that we can help. Support belonging in organizations and of course sponsorship a key portion of that as well as i mentioned a moment ago but mentoring for us is a good starting point and in the free audio course on the coaching for leaders dot com website. You can access five key steps. They if you start will really help you to leverage the power of mentoring in your own work. All of that you can find on. Coaching for leaders dot com. If you have not already. I'd encourage you to set up your free membership at coaching leaders. Dot com. that's gonna give you access to the entire library since two thousand eleven searchable by topic of episodes one of the topic is diversity and inclusion which of course this will be filed under many other conversations. We've had about diversity inclusion over the years many more coming in the next year so watch for that. In addition you'll also get access to the weekly leadership guide that comes every wednesday plus the free audio courses one of them. I mentioned a moment ago by entire online catalogue and library. All of the details on kuching for leaders dot com to set up your free membership and you will be off and running next week. I'm glad to welcome patrick. Lindsay only back to the show. He's going to be returning to teach us about the lessons from his newest book. The modem join me for that conversation with pat next week have a wonderful week. And i'll see you back next monday. Take care of everybody..

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