UAE, Hungary, 10Year discussed on Arms Control Wonk - The UAE's Phantom Missile Arsenal


Whilst got bs plus scuds less so the number of of their bunkers in the site was sort of consistent with that you know it's sort of about the right number again not exactly knowing what the number is and then beyond that in a separate fencedoff area there with these big buildings that looked like they were you know either airconditioned or connected to fuel tanks underground they had some weird piping on the outside i mean i know it's the desert right took it's really really hot on so it's really hard to tell fats climate control or if those are those are those are buildings for fuel but just the point is is really unusual bastad lots of bunkers and lots of buildings in the buildings were uh you know clearly pretty interesting looking uh so to me it looks like a missile base it's in the right spot given where the map is its old enough um it doesn't have any other obvious purpose in hungary government are important to as always stuck out yeah and and and the 10year increments it sort of you know late 80s late 90s early 2000s uh it's about the right time for them to be making a purchase um and then of course the north koreans had something new to sell uh which is you know in over the course of the the 1990s and early 2000s we saw that the north koreans move past the scudb and the a to something that sometimes called the scud de uh or i mean i think the thing that the uae probably would have bought would be the extended range scott.

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