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Welcome to enter number thirty four to my tennis journal. My name is Krousar and if you knew to the shore thanks very much for checking out and if you are a regular listener than cheers for continued support. We have another cracking guest this week as slightly to move from the tennis world in that he is a keen tennis player but doesn't work within the tennis industry. His name is David Hamilton. Or should I give him his full title Dr David Hamilton. Phd Author Writer Speaker. One of the nicest people I've ever met in my life and his specialty. What he is world renowned for is being an expert in the mind body connection. I I met David Bank to maybe two and a half years ago where he was excused the Term Guinea pig on a coaching. Course I was running. We hit it off. Mmediately struck up a friendship and the more time I spend with David Moore. I'm starting to realize how much of a huge crossover there is between his work. And the sporting world so in this episode we really explore different ways that his work connects with the tennis. But you will hear exactly what he's about how he comes everything from a scientific point of view and how we can actually try and find ways of connecting that to typical tennis players of all levels. Something in this one for A. I'd also like to say that if you are not from a tennis background you'll get something from this because a lot of the principles that he uses are great for anyone's mental wellbeing so before I dip in. I'm going to give you a little bit of a glimpse into next week's guest. I have the WTI player. I'M GONNA say. Wto player because she didn't quite retire. Her name is Van Your King. She's a double Grand Slam doubles champion on. Us Open and Wimbledon titles back in two thousand and ten F tastic person. Fantastic tennis player. Obviously and she really gives some fantastic learnings for any tennis coach player and parent. So that'll be next week's episode lookout for that one being really and finally before I pass you onto my guest just the usual plea whatever podcasting APPs you use take two seconds press a button and give us a rating. Take a minute right a little view on what you like in particular for any of the episodes and it helps us get found on these complex search engines on their Internet. So let me pass you over to Dr David. Hamilton David Hamilton. You are my thirty Fourth Entry. Into my tennis journal. And it's probably been since episode for the I've wanted to get you on we've been talking about for probably a year and a half at least at least yeah we've been talking about us as a year and a half year my goodness at least well. At least you've thirsty more people an embittered in so I can live with. I did up passing and for the benefit of historical purposes. We are in the middle of the cool aged nineteen pandemic and so. How are you coping with all of that? I I have a book to rate and I have the an exam doing pop team university degree in mathematics and physics so I have an exam in six weeks. Seven weeks claim saw. I've just been so focused on those things and then you know other stuff. I do in social media you know. I'm trying not to think too much. Because of a famous also blessed it was slings. Good it's good that you got a call. Them distractions. Bus is a distraction. So they re as a distraction for me. Yeah stuff that I have to do. So you know it's a usual avalon. Travel any speaking events but I had actually planned this time to be mostly a home. So it's Kinda it's Kinda odd that I am Khomeini rate really has been of destruction for me. Just being solely be buzzy with. Yeah so if I go back to when we first met. I think you'll probably a couple of years ago night I met and the listener can understand. Where are pats crossed about? Two years ago on a Level Three Course tennis coaching courses. I should say I was treating Stirling University. We we get hit expression. Guinea pigs in practice on and David was one of those people and You know perfectly lovely I the meeting in exchanging so it was only at the end of that day the Sandy. We both know from Dunblane tennis crop. You'll of Ganesha Sandy Fleming. And he said Oh do what if it does next up. No idea. I've never met or any told me that. He was an author written many books and his latest one was on the side effects of kindness. Which is a clever title in itself. And now you've probably written a couple of weeks since then is that right a just once. Fun Talk Came this every a so because the majority of my typical listeners will be connected or involved in the tennis world it would be great for you to give a bit of an overview on the five side effects with kindness to see where we can tap into the tennis world. Great first of all. Thanks for that a tennis. Guinea pecking at that was immensely for me. Because as you know I only really take up tennis. I thought that was immense help to me. Even even though it was a guinea pig immensely helpful it to the defects is actually fight side effects of kindness. And you know first of all. I love bowling side effects because I for the benefit of the listeners. I I used to work as a scientists in one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. I was building drugs for heart disease and concert. And so whenever you talk about a side effect is always in the negative but but in say defect is really just something that happens alongside the thing that you're trying to accomplish so that when you kind of five side effects five things that happen a some much of which is sage insatiable for scientific. Is the kindness. Makes you happy and you know. There's lots of studies that do the compare people who've been asked to go out and be kind gone through a number of a week and if followed over a period of fine compared sorry over a period of time with people who are not doing acts of kindness in all the study. Show the same thing that being kind produces a net gain and happiness and some other studies suggested is actually real changes in brain chemistry as a consequence overly. Just comes down to Kindness Nick Fuel. Second what is amazing. It's the kindness good for the heart and it works in a way that valuable stress too. If you ask anyone of stress almost anyone will say will peace come tranquility dinner? The opposite of stress those states of the absence of Spanish. You're watching speaking. The opus of stress is kindness. An audit feelings induced by kindness because stress. It self is the feelings and just by the feelings of stress what process stress Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol and what we know about the physical effects but would you be kind feelings in just by. Kindness produce cabinet hormones. I call him kindness and that really is calling kind homeless to make a distinction between China's hormones strikes hormones because it's the ease of the physical product of the feeling to stress. Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol of the physical products. Old feeling stress so kindness. Hormones oxytocin for example is one of them out of the physical products of how being kate makes you feel but at tons a. Kanus homeless the directly on the arteries under released attention in the walls of the Reduction in blood pressure to Kane this homelands and actually cold Protective that means that attack Jakarta vascular system so amazing. I think that the thing that I appealed to me in the work that you do is it's not no. You introduced me to this expression. I think we were along people when when you mentioned this type of stuff they think plainly almost like a spiritual type level but everything. You're talking about his own. A scientific level so straight away with the happier and the the cardiovascular impact one of the things that we have in the coaching world is the is quite a stressful job. In it's also quite lonely and because of that I think coaches instinctively become quite territorial about their area and also the the players they coach. There's not a lot of collaboration. Goes ON BETWEEN COACHES is starting to change in our thinking the last few years. So even the coaches are.

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