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To the wire and there's a real concern, you might just see more selling of treasures. Again, we have a backdrop of rates rising, inflation being sticky. There's a lot of concern out there anyway. That was Bloomberg news, chief correspondent for global macro markets, Liz McCormick, along with the editor of Bloomberg businessweek Joel Weber, Joel will be back a little bit later on. Coming up, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio neri on his company's strong quarter. You're listening to Bloomberg businessweek, this is Bloomberg. Bloomberg radio on demand and in your podcast feed. On the latest sound on podcasts, labor secretary Marty Walsh on the February jobs report, as he departs to take on a new chapter leading the NHL players union. It's kind of strange Joe. This is 26 years of public service. Being here to the pot of labor at the last job's day meets a great day for jobs in America. It's almost a two year university of American rescue plane passing. So the president's done an amazing job and I've been part of this this ride with him and it's been amazing. The highest labor force participation rate since March of 2020. I remember where we all were in March of 2020. That wasn't that time. So you're looking at the highest number since the pandemic essentially. Why are people now finally coming back to work? A lot of it has to do with the economic plan that President Biden's laid out. A lot of us do with business as well thinking about and adjusting to the worker. People are getting back to work because they need to get back to work. I think that having people vaccinated, the numbers of COVID going down, all of that stuff is playing into this, you know

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