Ian Smith, San Francisco, CEO discussed on Commercial Drones FM - #041 - Bringing Advanced Computer Vision To Industrial Drones with Alex Harmsen


Welcome to commercial drone start fm the podcast that explores the commercial drone industry the people who power it and the concepts that drive at i'm your host ian smith hey everybody before we get started i want to let everyone know that we hit our first patriotic on funding goal so this means everyone from here on out that donate one dollar month to the podcast gets an exclusive invite to the private patron only slack group that i created to discuss everything commercial drones so you can get your invitation to the group by visiting patriotic dot com slash drones podcast that's p a t r e o n dot com slash drones podcast and just by donating a buck a month to the podcast you're in okay so welcomed the commercial drones fm now that that's over with thanks everybody for listening and tuning in so this evening were sitting in san francisco at the german deploy offices and i am here with alex harm sent who is the ceo and cofounder of iris automation which is a drone start up out of y combinator that recently raised one and a half million bucks in seedfunding to bring cents and avoid technology to drones used for industry so thank you so much for coming in being here with us this evening alex allowed to be here in pre shed at man so let's get started let's let's kick this off with a little bit of backstory so we met actually previously at an all haunch silicon valley event orange as americans would say like the telecom company they have like a venture capital arm that they have here in silicon valley and you were speaking on a panel on it was like artificial intelligence in drones or something.

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