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Oh no. It would have been a funeral. But you know what? You know what? I think the fact that you had the wherewithal in such a quick change to notice that your zipper was because I gotta be honest. I walk out to all the time in the bathroom and my zippers down. And I think, oh, lord. Because you're not a man. Okay, anatomy differences. Yep, I get it. Yeah. Wow. Cute reacts like no. You're 30 years old and you just realize riding a keys right there. Oh, oh, oh. I mean, man, the man checked their zippers. You check your zipper, Ryan. When you get out of the bathroom? Don't ask, cam. He's a Tennessee graduate. He's taking Laura. Thank you. We'll more on the zipper zipper game. Hey, you know what I want to know? I want people to tweet us their stories of when they had their fly down in the most embarrassing moment. I want all of them. Fine bob. Cat Laura. At Laura. I want these stories. I love them. Knoxville's beautiful. Let's talk to those overalls. You don't have to worry about your fly in the overalls, right? It's already up. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. And we welcome you back. We are live in Knoxville. Final hour and change in Ryan McGee joins us here on set. Another homecoming for you. Yeah, I was just telling Laura that I had a girl break up with me. I didn't eat that tree right there. The one on the right. Did you really? Yeah. It was and we were that couple. You know, the couple has the argument out in public, nearby is changing classes and they're like, oh, no, I can't believe they're arguing out in public. And it's all they have right there. So there you go. I'd forgotten about it. Now I hate to bring back the zoom with my therapist later. How you doing? It was come coming for you too. So I think we both went over circle park, right? Yeah, we had a conversation over at the daily Beacon office with all the student reporters today. It was really fun. Yeah, I went down to I never wrote for the Beacon. But I did radio at wut. For sure. 90.3 I used to walk past it every day. Yeah, there you go. Well I went down there and yeah, it was great. It was interesting because so much throughout campus has changed. Oh yeah. But when you go into the campus radio station, it's still smells exactly like it did in the 90s. So yeah, so it felt good. I'm not sure I passed it every day. I'm not sure I've ever been in there. If you would like to go one down. I got people down there. I'll be happy to take you down there. Because at the time, the idea of being on the radio just did not so all right, so just to be clear. Yeah. I am a senior writer to ESPN and I never wrote for the daily Beacon of Tennessee. And you have made a fairly comfortable living in radio over the years and you never worked on the campaign. I never even I mean, I'm trying to remember, I don't know if worried, where it used to be was on the same floor as the newspaper. I walked past it every day and I had zero interest in ever walking. No, there's probably smoke coming out of the car. Everyone in there. Well, I'm serious. If you'd like to go. Yeah, I would. I've got people. Really love it to her. I don't know that I've ever I don't know that I've ever been trying to think if I was ever in the office of the daily Beacon. I love the day. I was a voracious daily Beacon reader. Like I would eat lunchable myself and read the Beacon and all that, but I did not share this with the staff today, but a lot of things happened in that office. So imagine just imagine them what may or may not have happened in the campus radio station. An alternative rocket to o'clock. Yeah. I remember listening to it. Yeah, the statute of limitations. I'm pretty sure it was expired, if you'd like. That was the old joke for you. Radio jocks out there. Why did certain songs get play like stairway to heaven? Either got a DeVita. Yeah, it got it. Like 15 minutes. There were two songs that you played that were 11 to 15 minutes for a reason. Because you were either going to the bathroom or you were up to something. Yeah, or up to something in the bathroom. Yeah, yeah. There you go. Great to be back on campus fall. I don't know. It is almost predictable to say, but it is always unique to come back here. And there's another memory I haven't involved you. And it was one of the more awkward moments of my career was right right here. Yeah. One was just three years ago four years ago. Four years ago, I did my farewell interview with Butch Jones right up here. So then the addendum to that story is in the SEC nation bus. I was on the bus and bush got married because I told this story, I was on the bus and Butch came one of the bus just to wait because it's like the green room before he went out to do the interview with you. And he I went out of my way to set the microphone down and say, coach how you doing? The let him know. We're not because I want to ask him because it was a tough time. How are you doing? It was rough. And what he continued to do was give me the talking points. And then he walked off the bus and went straight and said I went with you and started to give you the talking points and that was and then I'll cover the game that day and it was the only time I don't have any dozens of games I've been to in the same as the only time I've seen people leaving at the end of the first quarter. I think it was a Georgia game. It was Georgia. No exaggeration I gave was over 5 minutes. It was 24 nothing before you turned around and I was sitting with the just retired bud Ford. Who I was convinced, the longtime of sports information director, Tennessee who I was convinced was going to go down to the coaches booth and start shoving guys out the window. Because he was so vocal about it was the strangest atmosphere. Before game and inside of a game, 'cause there was a lot of enthusiasm about that day like there is here today, but it just was different. It felt like everybody was just yay, we're excited. Like I didn't know for a really bought it and literally at the end of the first quarter people were leaving the game. I ran down from the press box. I took a picture of people leaving the game at the end of the first quarter because I'd ever thought I'd see it. But that was that seems like a hundred years ago now. It does. And let's see how many coaches and so on. We're this is the second one. So things that we've gone great since the last time we were here for Georges game. I don't know. I think there's a level of cynicism about the feeling now, but it does feel just a little bit different. Well, I think that people are enjoying it this year. Right. And I don't know that even when even when people forget, that one, I guess was it 2017, but that was a great year. That was Dobbs no booty. That was albums of exciting year and it just never that great before or after. But the feeling around here now is people are actually excited about it. They're enthusiastic and that because football can be fun and the way they're playing a football even losing is fun. I'm hearing music that I don't know what that means, but I guess that means that I thought maybe there was a concert or something. It might be..

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