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She he became inspired to become an entrepreneur and start his own candy company as well. So he started making different types of chocolate and peanut candies named after members of his family. And then he heard from a supplier that it was. There was a shortage of keynote flavored peanut butter type candy that was covered in chocolate people were demanding it and so Harry Reid's decided to start making peanut butter Cup. And the reason why reese's peanut butter cups became so popular is because they have this unique taste, you know, you might try one from a competitor. It doesn't quite have the same taste, and the reason for this is actually caused by an accident when Harry Reid started manufacturing, the peanut butter cups. He was using old equipment and disa- Quinton. It was slightly burning the peanuts. When. It was roasting them. And here he didn't even realize that this was happening until the peanut butter cups. Started becoming so popular. He bought new equipment and expanded operation when he did that he discovered that the peanut butter cups had lost that magical taste, and so he had to find a way to reproduce it with a modern the Sheena Reyes. So that it kept that special flavor. What about Snickers bars where did they come from, HUD? They get their name. It's one of my favorites. So I I'd like to hear that one some people might know this, but a little bit of trivia about the Snickers bar is that it was named after the Mars family's favorite horse knickers and here in America. We have known the Snickers bar back from when it was introduced in nineteen thirty but overseas in the United Kingdom for the longest time up until the nineteen nineties. It was called the marathon bar, and there's no official reason. Zain to give given to explain this. But the rumor is that the Mars company didn't like the idea that Snickers rhymed with the word knickers the name over there for women's underwear. Well, what an odd thing in our these candies like this knickers bar and the Tuzi role. Are they basically the same as they've always been or have? They changed. Andy has more or less. Stay the same in flavor over the years over the decades until really recent times, we've seen a lot more changes in the recipes of candy bars. A lot of that has to do with the economics of the cost of cocoa. But one interesting story when it comes to a change the recipe is with the butterfinger bar, which is another top Halloween candy. The butterfinger bar was originally made by the Curtiss candy company back in nineteen twenty three and they were looking for a follow up to their hugely popular baby Ruth bar. And so they came out with the butterfinger. It was a huge hit and Curtis candy thrived for many decades. But after a while they sold the company, and then they sold it again. And they sold it a third time to Nestle. In nineteen eighty nine. And during the transfer of ownership, apparently as the story goes the recipe was lost. And so nasty had to frantically look to recreate the recipe. So I can't say as a person eating better fingers back then that I noticed..

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