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A winter weather advisory until eleven o'clock this morning some freezing drizzle a shooting on his Chicago expressway early this morning. A man has been hospitalized in critical condition. Police had to shut down the section of the Eisenhower the west suburbs near wolf road for that investigation. The garbage is piling up at national parks because of the government shutdown partial shutdown has left parks open. But without staff to collect fees, operate visitor areas or even clean up Joshua tree. National park in California is closing its campgrounds because toilets or reaching capacity causing your health and safety hazard Yosemite has closed some areas because of a lack of restrooms and the impact of human waste, some of Illinois new laws for twenty nineteen or focusing on the job the department of employment security, reminding employers have three new laws for the new year. I is a plan that requires employers to reimburse workers for expenses within thirty days. The next is aimed at racial equal pay. And the third is a new package that includes tougher requirements for carnivals and fairs to make sure they're not employing sex offenders and those are the headlines. Ed WGN sports, even though it's not just another game for the bears this weekend and their playoff matchup with the eagles. That's the approach being taken it house all this week head coach Nagy drawing on experiences with Andy Reid, both Philadelphia and Kansas City and trying to look at this weekend as normal as possible kickoff. Three forty Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field bears and eagles bears have opened as a six point favorite over. Philadelphia. Blackhawks trying to get back on the winning side of things. They lose the winter classic yesterday to the Boston Bruins at Notre Dame stadium. Forty two they'll take things indoors this time play tomorrow against the islanders on the road. Chris boden. We'll have your pre game show starting at six o'clock. John and Troy have the call six thirty here on WGN and WGN radio dot com. So here's some basketball northwestern. Chris Collins team will be at Michigan state to take on Tom. Izzo Anna Spartans pregame coverage beginning at seven fifteen. The tip of David and Joey Meyer at seven thirty on WGN wgnradiOcom Wildcats come into this one with a record of nine at four, but oh and two in the big ten elsewhere tonight locally. It'll be too Paul at Villanova and is very valley conference play opens up. These three matchups include Lolab against Indiana state at the genteel arena, Bradley, home for northern Iowa and Illinois state. We'll be at Valparaiso both also on the home floor tonight. They're taking in the magic on both record ten and twenty seven not real good in the Eastern Conference of the NBA and shortstop Troy Lewinsky has reportedly signed a deal with the New York Yankees on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball, Andy baiser, WGN sports..

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