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That be to turn homelessness into something other than what it is like you'll hear Gavin news and the face of homeless. That's not out of work. You know that's not a junkie felon. That's a mom. That's a mom who's refreshed newly divorced. Lost her job, who has to take her famous. It's like. I you could go find that example person exist. But in small numbers and having just freshly comeback from San Francisco, where we walked to and from a venue in a hotel twice every day. These are not down on their luck moms with, with a kid into these were people chasing us with shopping carts, screaming bottles of people. Anybody who knows labor town. You don't have to know you don't have to crunch numbers. You don't see anything when you see a guy slumped over, and it's one in the afternoon, and that guy's in a zone filth and he slumped over and he's leaning against the stucco wall of an underpass, and it sort of hap, one eye open, and one eye shut that's not out of work guy. That's severely impaired drug. Attic guy. By the way, also the reason I'm bitching about this is if you would like to solve a problem. This is not the way to go. 'bout solving a problem when you need to identify what the problem is. What's caused around, then we can solve the problem? This is not a way to solve a problem because there is a very specific way to help that person. And it's not giving him another six bucks. Yes. Who's this lying douchebag politician? Again, this is state Senator Scott Weiner, and the seventy percents thing that feels so oddly specific gift so vague at the same time. Yes, I'm sure means nothing either way. He's a liar. So thank you for helping run the city into the ground. I'll just play the clip of. I talked to Nathan wrench. Yeah that's like a minute half. But it's just meet just going who's anybody homeless who's not on something. What percentage of people in your experience who are homeless were not addicted to something or who has a dicta- to sometime trying to do the math? But if we're including alcohol than say virtually all of them are addicted. So it's like basically one hundred percent of the people are doing something extremely, rare to find somebody who is on the streets, who doesn't have a vice. That's hanging over their head. Did you find anybody in your travels pretty extensive travels and pretty extensive time who was? We have a big homeless situation population in Los Angeles. And there's this sort of this narrative of, like, well, the factory closed down, and the next thing you know, she's living out on the streets and our, he's living on the streets. And I'm like it doesn't feel like just your, you know, you lose your job on a Friday and you're living out on the streets on a Monday. It feels like a whole bunch of stuff now in the homeless world, that, at least that I saw all up and down the west coast. You've got different sort of factions of homeless people different sort of types. I was what they would call street kid. There's also what we call the St Kitts, call home, bums weirdly, which are what normal people call like bums. Okay, I would bunch of hair, and he's talking to self selling oranges or whatever, but there isn't a sect of like oh, here's the people that used to have a job and then the job, you know, the factory closed down, and now they're just homeless. Usually those people have a route through, and that they can go. And get social security. They can get temporary food stamps gas vouchers. They can get all the stuff and get back on their feet. Yeah. Well, also, again, I'd like a gas can be an expert at everything gas fascists. It's, it's my second hand smoke thing, where it's like rob Reiner says fifty thousand American type seconds you go. I've never heard of anyone. I don't know anybody's ever died. I've heard of million diagnoses, and I've heard about this celebrity, or Luke Perry died mislead or whatever, but who side of second, and if you don't if you can't come up with a person, and if you can't picture that homeless person just the GM factory in van Nuys closed down. And this guy worked there for thirty one years in Dow, he sleeps on the ground. Picture that like you're gonna win that guy have friends that he worked with their family car. Yes. I mean I'm not saying everyone is.

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