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And results aren't getting produced or things or falling short of what you hope for. And there's often no shortage of excuses or blaming. You know, the reason that I didn't get it done was old Fred, you know, fell down on the job didn't do his part or whatever it might be. But it really resonated with me, the, you know, blaming and justifying is really never a productive behavior. And it really gets in the way of what you're trying to do. So that one probably the work ethic and personal responsibility. Dimension is really important to me. Excellent. Excellent with good stuff. So lots of lots of great stuff in the book the nine dimensions of conscious success. So David you mentioned that your a reader, and you like to read so besides for your book what are couple books that. You've found that's helped shape your thinking or that. Maybe you're looking forward to reading twenty nineteen and beyond. Yeah. Some that. I will read. In couple that I have read one Sean acre is an interesting guys and interesting author, and he wrote ties written several books, and he wrote a book called the happiness advantage, which I was really intrigued by saw him speak. And that that influence me a lot I made big Patrick Lynch Yoni thin and their three that I have read or in the process of reading a number one the five dysfunctions of a team number two the ideal team player number three the advantage. All of them are really great. He's he's quite adept at telling a good story and teaching the lesson at the same time. And you know, there were classics over the years. I remember many years ago reading in search of excellence by Tom Peters. And also then learning for five years later, the the fleeting notion of excellence wins some of the companies that he had highlighted were really struggling. And the not a slam on Tom Peters who was a very successful writer. So a number of things, and I try to mix in, you know, a little fiction with the those kinds of things, but those are some books that have been influenced by of course, Ken Blanchard. The original one minute manager was solid and he has some recent books about health now that are really terrific as well. So those are some of the influences. Awesome awesome. Big Sean anchor fan as well. I had time Peters. Enter talk about his latest book several months ago. Fantastic fantastic guy. Really good insights, even even today that book was written almost forty years ago now in. And even though the tide turned for some of those companies the lessons were critical. It was the lessons that you took out of. And it kind of a kind of speaks to an overarching thing that is important all of us. And that is how do we think how do we think an analyze analytical skills? And how do we look at a situation, and you can see it in a lot of organizations that some people look at the situation and look at it on its surface and say will hear the conclusions. Other people wanna die below the surface and not just look at symptoms, but look at root cause and say what's really causing this somebody many years ago came up with a great model for this that I've used in my work as the five wise that you ask a question and say why is that? And then you ask why again doing that five times gets you to a much deeper level of analysis. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. So leaning on the shoulders of giants is what this book is all about an helping you be more conscious in your success as David says subtitles all about you. So it's the nine dimensions of conscious success. If you wanna check it out more go to conscious success. Does have a lot of S's there so conscious success dot com is the website and David if people have questions or they want to interact with you more their social media channel that you frequent that they can ask questions at we're working with a company now that were certainly prominent or becoming more prominent on Facebook Twitter, we also are launching a new website in January, and we'll be doing a webinar. And if you go to conscious success dot.

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