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Bo Knicks, Auburn, Texas discussed on College Football Live


Different than one fifty on ten Carrie. Yau Yeah remember Jonathan Taylor. He's facing Michigan before he normally averages one hundred and fifty yards a game right now. Michigan's held him held into around one hundred ten yards so he has had a little bit of struggles goes against that wolverines front another game. Texas am in Auburn looking forward to this on this one's Kinda crazy looking guys the home team. It ain't home cooking six of the last seven years. The road team has actually won that so who do you trust more in this one. Take your pig Bo Knicks or Aggie quarterback Kellen on man. I'm taking Kellyn Mine and I'm taking what you just showed me that graphic. I gotTA throw it off the window personal experience when I played Texas am I remember number my sophomore year. The year we went to the National Championship. The stage was bigger than me. I just have to be honest. I was out there and I was like a coach. I was rotating with the guy at the the time and I didn't mind being subbed out because the aggie started rocking in their seats and the stage was bigger than me. Go Knicks has been solid thus far because he's a true freshman we've probably given. I am too much praise but he only asked four touchdowns two picks on the ear. It's not like he's been astounding Kellyn Mon on the other hand. He's made some freak type of plays. Its home environment. When he's an older quarterback. I expect him to thrive in this setting now completely disagree. Acho this looking at the game offensive line Defensive Line Defensive Line for Auburn one of the best in the country bursts offensive line Texas saying them. They're okay when the last time the Texas offensive line faced a legitimate a defensive line clemson what Clemson do beat the brakes off them with three down linemen and then they rotate ago. Oh that defensive front. I'm telling the offensive. Auburn's defensive line is going to give the offense alive protect saying that all they can handle so. It's a wash between even even in that game though even that game it's not as if Trevor Lawrence had field day. It's not as if t lawrence do for five tugs and no interceptions so. I just think that they can surely hold Bo Knicks it Bay Bacon. Hey can lease confused Trevor Lawrence at times you would think that a freshman or role in their feeling good about himself three and we beat Auburn. We beat Oregon rather feeling great. I I just think he might be in for a rude awakening. The one thing I think because how you feel when you were three and would you can't that is talking to the moment was too big for you. I don't think it's going to be too big for Bo Knicks right. I mean Bo- oh nick. I Trust a whole lot more on the road than I do at Emmanuel Acho early in his career kind of real quick. How cool is this. Jimbo Fisher right actually was the quarterback coach for Bo Knicks Dad way back in the day when he was over at Auburn so this is kind of crazy family connection between Jimbo Fisher Boat Nixon his dad looking forward to that when we get a lot more coming up on college football live listen you guys are already. We're GONNA talk about two teams. Completely different difference starts but you've got to throw that out of the window when rivals meet Lhasa guys who need this win more gators or balls and we're GonNa Go Channel Surfing on college football live with a great great week four slate gains including why.

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Bo Knicks, Auburn, Texas discussed on College Football Live

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