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Supposed to get my sneak attack. It'd be supply there's nobody ought. Up with you and flank. The and then I'm GonNa stab and then the lowest level spell he's got so. His major emerge God. Before anyone writes in. Just, we know that narmer tiny sized creature and therefore does not Britain. That's A very complicated joke that we went really deep into maybe possibly, we could do it anyway. Anything's possible as long as you think about the rules hard enough. All call. Fun New Abilities. Even better normal fly up and knocked the Sky Pharaohs mask off to make him blind and. Monster Sneak attack. See I worked possible That The Sky Farrow doesn't have a mask. He's. Spaces all Janke he's probably wearing something and you just put it on his face. You've got another funerary mask on. It's like one of those like you remove Batmans it's just another Batman. Off. Hello Race like busy. Can we get back to saving the world. Gas The US so I suppose as we left off. Our heroes having entered into the mortuary temple. Of Tall. And the shadow here of just a sex pyramid. At found and freed the swing. Sir. I guess. Technically. If. you run out of dispel magic's could have sneak attack to dispel magic. She has Sika hat. I get the feeling that that's going to happen to at least that's going to happen to suit at least once when he's charmer Rachel just goes I've got no other choice and then stabs him sneak attack dispelled. Work with a nonlethal. If, you have an on lethal weapon. Now. So as we begin. All of you stand and the the central shrine here the God taw his statue standing off torture side watching over all of you the chamber quiet as the eight of you counting the familiar I think at this point. Yeah. Staying here with Hussin and on heart the Sphinx stretches both in a feline sort of way. But also in a tender sort of way as she's obviously still badly injured hollis takes her hat off and says Ma'am Nice to meet you, I'm hall stark weather. and. The pressure on. The swing settles back on her haunches and the Sika. Is Nice to see you again I mean I wish it was under. Obviously better circumstances. Hey, she ain't dead. So that's an okay circumstance. Well, I know, but I would prefer her one throws in amber and to not injured the woman looks over all of you. Had expected to sooner. We had the feud not detours but delays which I guess aren't detour one of what you know about. Yes I do city like reaches into his bag and pulls out the mask. Let your head son no, the headdresses. Never remember that's on you never mind having. She's patting me in an apology. She watches it for a long moment. Her eyes. DART UP TOWARDS SUITORS I. Traveled from. And we have learned much. We believe we know a way to put them ask to rest. And in doing so destroyed and that is why you've come. Yes and that and other reasons. Am I since motive on her to make sure she's not like charmed or something because all of our lady. Who Do you trust are implicitly. I Rela Ten for twenty. To twelve. To Sixteen I mean neither if you get the impression that there's not. The. Odd cadence that usually. Occurs to someone who's charmed but then again Hollis, you've never met her before. So you don't know how she speaks. So you don't really have anything to compare her charmed or not charm to citrus, she seems fine the same to you but then again, you only met her briefly. You're too late too late. For what you came here to speak with him last week with WHO know we can kill comeback and rescue you make. The beach. Also that yes, that the be baby do you know where the baby is? Perhaps who are we supposed to speak with the man? Who has answer she seek can't answer a riddle to know who that is never rolled any knowledge Sphinx. Jessica to look like you really want me to. Start with a nineteen taking twenty nine. Do I know about sphinxes? You have a general knowledge pertaining towards sphinxes if you WANNA. Ask a few questions you can. Save Them. She seems to wait patiently. Cat thing where she doesn't seem to blink for long periods of time she just stares intently at you. Do you mean like a Chesa sack? Just a sec he's been dead for a long time the man with the answers. But doesn't the mask allow you to speak with the dead? Yes. If we can find his. Corporeal Forum so isn't this Chelsea Sexton? Yes but that mean that they took cheeses exploit the I. Mean I don't think they would be doing that maybe this Guy Phero wants his architect back it's possible. and has the capabilities and means stories him or at least speak with them. Maybe he doesn't know how to use the beater mid. Here's what I got to tell you about raising people not as hard as some of this other stuff disguised accomplished way. Really I mean strong enough and it's specific schools of magic. It's hard. It's like Sitra couldn't do it. But. Guy called the Sky Pharaoh that. Has a fly pyramid and all sorts of weird Air Mansi and whatnot. I wouldn't put it past them couldn't whipping Nick Roman city to raise the debt depends on how you're doing it but I mean, do you think this guy is thinking about the mummy Sky Phero probably wants his you know architect to also be an annette abomination that lives for all of eternity. So we don't even know if this guy's a mummy he got his call split up. He could be some sort of crazy Lich. We don't know well, no I assumed that he was nothing standard mummy just because his essence has been split, he probably doesn't mind the whole thing if it furthers his goal of. Taken over Syrian and saving us from the Ruby Prints and etc etc. Well, that's a problem because in that case, we're going to see if there's any records here. That has she hasn't told me I'm right yet, but also it's never a problem if this records records. Second to magic in there beautiful awesomeness. Was I right you. been. Her eyes. Don't seem to move like she actually moves her head. Almost zipper eyes are fixed. Ford. And just seems so gone back and forth looking between all. While you carry on this conversation. Got Quiet for a minute there I think she probably joined her. The one you wish to speak to no longer here but was it just a SEC? She simply stares at you. I mean this would be easy to verify. We just have to find the tomb and if it's Someone that you don't know that you need to talk to in at some sort of riddle, she's a sphinx right Oh it's it's certainly a riddle definitely it that's why she's playing the Pronoun Game She saying he so I don't know if it's Sarah or if she is referring to the creature that's possibly possessing there that Sarah that's definitely a she. would be a he. S- at the Scarborough was possessing Sarah that perhaps you was still referred to them as a he or she's referring to Jesus Zach. What about.

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