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We'll put it on the poll plays at lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter. Are you surprised that there is nothing in football? That Ken surprise. Matt patricia. Matt Patricia is here to tell you that when it comes to football. I remember this time a very early in our shows history when we had Jay Jay Walker on good times. I know might and Jay Jay Walker told us that he could no longer find comedy funding because he had seen it all done. And I remember the the sadness that swept over me. That he couldn't find laughter because comedy had already been seen by him in every way. And so the idea that Matt Patricia thinks that he's incapable of being surprised by something that happened on football field. You think his record would be better? If he knew what was coming. This is Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. And you're listening to the lever cards show the man. Wow. Doesn't hold up. Hi, this is Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. Just call him to wish Dan lebatardshow the happiest of birthdays with all of Kobe Bryant. Comes unnecessary. Totally unnecessary cheap shot on your birthday at Levin show on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to vote on the polls. Is Greg cody's. Eddie, Murphy, knowledge as flimsy as anyone who grew up in the United States shocking. It's it's simply shocking. Ninety two percent of the audience said, yes. Is there anything better in sports than Patrick Mahomes playing catch up? Maybe the warriors seventy six percent of the audience said, no. Should the Packers have fired Mike McCarthy at halftime last night? I see what they're doing there. Maginness quarterbacks. I want you to imagine. I don't know how it works with the Packers. It's a public trust the entire city of Green Bay summarily. Firing Mike McCarthy have time we know our quarterbacks better to quarterbacks. Do that. Ninety four percent of the audience said, yes. Jimmy has screaming Condoleeza Rice. Was anyone good at electric football? Let's at eighty five percents at no the fifteen percent saying yes, you just straight line. It's impossible to be good. At that game. I think tried to cheat every possible way. And I'm Don. Yeah. It's impossible. I mean, they just go where they wanna go. Are you surprised Ken Hitchcock is still hanging around? Despite. Coach dirt. I wasn't a goal. That was not a goal. And the DP DP zero contract. You don't stop. Seventy five percent of the audience said, yes. Are you surprised that there is nothing in football? That Ken surprise. Matt patricia. Honestly, it's early here. But fifty three percent of the audience said, yes, they are surprised never surprised anything in in an NFL football game to be honest with you. Thank you for that. Honesty, man. It's not like your quarterback has been sacked a thousand times every week. He wasn't surprised when the jets beat them at home forty eight. Coming. Oh, Keith laws on the line. Thank you, Mike. Let's let's guess finally keep was feuding with Greg Cody. Of the Miami Herald because law doesn't think you should have a hall of fame votes. Just give him your argument. We'll see what Keith law has to say. Well, you have to draw distinction. Lebatardshow on ESPN radio a racist country. Hey, just.

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