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We had three major major points here number one. Come back with my notes here for a second number one how to use google docs. Presell leads are for the clothes. Which kind of talked about that. And how usership that access which is awesome. I have been doing that but giving you like the share with anyone links. I'm like shutting the change that number two how to create offers that monetize other people's audiences through soft offers and through interviews and being going around interviews in other groups and the number three Y your two steps should be more like len should be right like landing pages as opposed to ads which i've never thought of looking at like pay. The facebook group pinned like the announcement. Section is actually page. that's a. That's a huge huge thing. Because we're already getting traffic there. We need to optimize that for collecting e mails and and getting conversation started dude. Is there anything i asked. I didn't ask you that. I should've asked you in terms of what we cover today. I honestly think that like what we shared today would make somebody like if they implemented. And that's really the thing like implementation you know having the knowledge to do something well and and dude extremely one thing and then implementing is another. There's like more people that are are learning and not enough people implementing like there are very few implementers. That's why i do idea. Because i think it's an untapped opportunity like there's a massive need for people just do it instead of like over you and i mean if there's anything we didn't cover it was really just the mindset around it like you know you don't have to be perfect when writing two steps like you know Really the biggest thing is like make sure you have the assets available to you to naturally lead somebody from you know An officer from like a stranger she to who you are to essentially a customer a longtime customer that promotes forever so if you have assets that bring them through the buyer journey..

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