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I. Music came from a guy named Norman greet Norman Greenbaum legend very one hit wonder. All right. Mike. One of our listeners named George Sand's Georgia tweet tweet tweet with him all the time. All right. Has dug up. The game where you made your one three points in your NBA career. Now what year do you think it happened? Guess the date nineteen eighty five I would say February thirteenth K you're off by more than a year. It was December twenty ninth nineteen eighty six oh plow gonna do who you were playing four to December in nineteen Eighty-six, the Spurs, you're playing for the Spurs. You're right. It was a game in Utah new it. Do you remember if you wanna lost the game, we lost sight? Record. God one. Oh, nine to one. Oh, one drop your record. Two seven and twenty two. Now eleven guys played in that game for your team including you, you did not start. You came out the bail. How many guys can you name on that scene in koneohe team? All right. Johnny moore. Alan robertson. Johnny Moore's wrong. He did not play joining. Okay. Well, I knew us on the team. So Roberson did plow. Robertson me artists. Gil more, Mike Mitchell. David Greenwood two guys that you started. You've named three of the starting right, Gail know Mike, gale strike to Michael. You've named three of the starters, the other two starters went on to become somewhat successful coaches. One was a former NBA head coach. I think he's an assistant now and the other one is longtime college coach who's coaching right now did well in the tournament. Johnny, Johnny doc, used to call him chicken hawk, the chicken hawk and fog on a little chicken chicken hawk. All right. One imagine why the other one he matter of fact this game was in Utah, he would later go on. He doesn't anymore, but he would later go on to coach the jazz head coq au, Bobby Weiss. No no all of head coach. Oh, Ticor corden type. Mentioned Mike Mitchell passed away years ago nother another guy played one only played one minute was in all American. With Chris Mullin at Saint John's wait. A minute was Ed Neely team to new Larry christova Christo, actually. The only two you're missing one thing. John's with with one minute was probably a rookie on this team. Oh, Walter berry, Walter berry. And then there was a guy. I've never heard of this guy. Anthony Jones, Anthony. But I got about him and Johnson's. Grew. Why you were talking to me. John Wheeler with no NBA team in Saint Louis who do we watch? We watch Mizzou. I Johnson volt was on the eighties Mizzou teams that I paid ten. Yeah. He's a good shooter that Utah team shooter. John Stockton off the bench. He wasn't starting threat. He was behind Rickey green. Right. Right. It was raking Rini Kelly Puka with Carl Malone, Bobby Hansen and you remember the center you probably had to guard him. This is the biggest human being eaten. Yeah. Now how Lewis my numbers game? You scored fifteen points coming off the bench. What am I shooting numbers seven fourteen? Okay. That's acceptable. And you in that particular game you attempted one three and you made it you also ahead, four rebounds, a turnover a block in two thousand fifteen point. You're the second leading score in that game behind Johnny dockings who had nineteen was thud everybody can score on a lousy team. Gesture has pretty. Good back, then alone, seven twenty two coach insane into it was he is innocent with Denver. Yeah, I saw mind the bench and was Frank Layden coaching the gen frankly good that you were nineteen in nine they were good..

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