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On the ben ferguson show hi gail hi brian how are you go ahead i'm going to take it a step further because this is this is just the tip of the iceberg there the asian asian family values are our dream ranging from you know japanese chinese whatever to the people of india there there's a family dynamic where they are to study are they have to be the best last winners in the past years of the script spelling bee you know the younger children sure they're they're this is due to a cultural dynamic within the family it's the culture and well there's two things about about asian culture that a lot of people don't understand there was a mom couple years ago that wrote a wrote a book it was something like oh i can't remember what it was something like dragon mom or something like that a lot of very tough on her kids and the culture asian culture look they care about academics they care about focus a care about trying you don't see a lot of broken families and they and they pushed their kids a lot harder than we do that's one of the reasons why it's a lot of asian americans get into schools at a higher rate than and they try harder but you shouldn't be penalized for trying harder trying harder this used to be the ideal for jewish immigrants of which my my grandparents great grandparents were there was a value on education and making yourself useful and it rent you particularly because they were oppressed you're going to work your day amasau to be the better said so there was that studied mechanism but this is gonna be on any of it it is a social justice what's the word for it it's niculae shen and really go onto the college campuses you will see that look at the blue but you know what that is the boycott divest should israel yes you can't be a jewish student on campus unless you hate israel this has been going on a conservative use dead actually you know is is a christian they announced spoken question who are very devout whatever it is has a voice well well i a american who is not of the cornell west will has no place on a college campus become how about the desegregated i mean just from people that understand conservatives have been targeted like down four on college campuses i mean we have we have been we have been targeted in ways that we've never been targeted we concerns tax in ways that have never been attacked there it goes back to it can be gay conservative it doesn't matter now gay many gay concerns are treated well here's say many gay concerns are treated just like african american conservatives their their their uncle toms of the gay movement and that's how they treat them and that's just the truth if you don't like it i'm sorry but that is the truth and i appreciate the phone call one eight hundred four seven four.

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