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Top. No i don't drink the blood of your enemies from it wa coke code in what is good is what is good in life the your enemies see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of the women lamentation. Is there any other like phrasing. Where you would use the word lamentations. It's probably abuse a lot in the bible. I have you ever walked around or gnashing of teeth and limitation being on a talk show. You would think that. Every now and again i would be. You know i was lamenting about a thing. The other but i never use limitation. I think it's i think it's aids favorites. It's not something that is Probably probably people are googling right now to tell you what it means. Let's go to the phones. We have jet calling from florida jet. You're on free talk left. you know. It's just horrible when some when we think that. Some sorcery at a magic black dress. Consult some bread crumbs. Are you talking about Maybe a particular judge a lot of them. That dictates the one the ones that we're talking about today. The people that go. Oh well i in my in my great majesty's sitting on high judge solely by me and my vast expertise in the area of law. No i know. But that's one thing p. There too many out there that that love it they love to have someone. Tell them how to live absolutely and and to punish people who step out of line. There are too many people out there who are in favor of this type of situation that we that we're currently in and How do you. How do we get out of that. I can tell you. I could tell you it. Start jet answer it starts. It starts at the beginning of the you know the school system that teaches us to walk in line and raise your hand. You want to be heard jet go ahead. Well what i wanted to talk about. Today was the tax terrorism season. We're about one week away from from this new deadline. Where where the I remember back when obama was president. There was this sign on a A mailbox it said. It's that time money bitches anyway anyway. He I call it the tax terrorism season. 'cause that's apparently what taxation is another form of terrorism. We called extortion. But as you might know. I've said this before. I haven't contributed federal monitoring for decades nice but Yeah so so you're We're talking about the idea that now hang on. I have to get a license to hunt these tax terrorists like i do in deer season or duck season or something like that. You said it's tax terrorist season right. That means i can go hunting right well. Normally what happens during tax season. Is they find some popular person. Some person with notoriety or power and they they hold them up in dangled them in front of but you know they charge them with all kinds of crazy things they say see. This is what happens to you if you do not foul. But the point west wesley. Thanks make the point the point. We haven't really had anybody yet. 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