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Should be executed a tv moore too point of saying his shudo you to never convince those people the chimps inland a military judge will decide the punishment for bergvall at least three people in ireland have been killed is what remains of hurricane oh celia as battered the country the storm with wind gusts up to eighty miles an hour is grounded planes knocked out power and caused schools to shut down the win has the guns in these xi that we're very grateful for that because it is a very dangerous storm indeed sky news reporter david levin says three hundred sixty thousand homes of lost power ireland's prime minister says the last time they had a storm this severe was in nineteen sixty one one eleven lives were lost traffic from the helpful so cal honda traffic center full freeway closure going on in monrovia on the 210 you on the eastbound side of the 210 freeway all lanes are shut down at mountain avenue that can take you all three were there is elite is for him to get back on beyond the 605 i'll look at the socal honda traffic hempseed a real bunch up on this one is come up with hunting to drive not a gr far tended towards berbick northbound side of the five from the one three four to all is you have construction three left lanes off limits signs it that's going to wrap up some time before 530 am in its luca lake eastbound side of one thirty four just before combing the boulevard truck fire on the right shoulders but extinguished still have crews of the seeds the detention center swat for little spectators lazio approach that one tyga following in the sky hopes gets you there faster i'm ryan duck southland weather 60s overnight and breezy then partly cloudy 80s at the beach in into the nineties well into the nineties in some of the inland areas currently it is clear and 68 degrees in burbank we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm bill sewer you've worked hard for retirement so it's critical that you protect what you have in two thousand and eight the.

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