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On the bill barnwell show i'm still bill barnwell joining me now to talk about the oakland raiders when we've had a quite exciting off season in case you haven't noticed hiring some people signing some people letting some people go a very interesting set of decisions and joining me to discuss them and discuss the raiders offense for twenty eighteen is someone who's extremely qualified to discuss that matter it's the athletics ted win ted how are you i'm good how are you bill i'm great really happy to have you on we had you on the nickle package earlier this year talking raider stuff and the raiders problems on offense at the time and they ended up continuing to be problems for the entire season which is why the oakland coaching staff might not be there anymore so i wanted to ask you let's start with this in terms of you know someone who was a raiders fan and also a very qualified analyst as well with each of those hats i mean were you were you did you feel like it was appropriate for jack del rio and that staff to be let go and replaced with jon gruden or was it something where you felt like they deserved more time i thought it was appropriate i mean first of all i want to say you know i thought jack del rio did animal job for the raiders he took the job when nobody wanted it yeah and yeah nobody wanted that job when when he was hired he came on he changed a culture there he wasn't a strong schematic coach you know the defenses constantly mess and that was supposed to be his expertise but he did get the pm to a winning record and you know in the playoffs and they haven't been in plano for a long time before that his worst mistake was obviously letting bill must be go for todd downing by thought you know he did what he could and he did his job he turned around the team a little bit and made it respectable but i think for team to take the next step another coach neither have come in so i thought it was appropriate that he was let go all right ten i want to ask you about jon gruden and about that coaching staff but i wanna talk to you.

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