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A Kentucky public college or university so far in the Commonwealth, more than 2.2 million people have been vaccinated against Covid 19. That's roughly half of the state's population. Governor Andy Beshear is hoping that the shot at a million will incentivize more people to go out and get vaccinated. A suspect in the shooting this week outside of David Busters is now in police custody. John Perez arrested yesterday. Charged with love with Felonious assault. Investigators say a chaotic fight broke out inside the restaurant spilled outside of the parking lot, and that is when Perez allegedly shot another man in the back. That person is expected to be okay. Three weeks before this incident, Perez was arrested for pulling a gun on two women. His bond was set at $5000, and he was released on 10% posted plans are being worked out in Florida to demolish what is left of the 12 storey condo building that collapsed last week. The remaining structure starting to cause some problems for the search efforts. 145 people still unaccounted for the death toll right now stands at 18 Loida officials and making plans to likely level the rest of the partially collapsed sampling tower South Large columns of the remaining structure, shifting 6 to 12 inches overnight Thursday, causing a safety scare for rescue workers. The job has been physically grueling and mentally daunting, but workers pressing on some rescue workers also coming down with Covid 19 at his A B C's faith, a boob a 700 W L W SPORTS Here's the Reds update. Tyler Stevenson's two out single in the bottom of the ninth wins it. Kyle Farmer hit a game tying homer. All of our Padres closer Marc Melanson is The Reds knock off the Padres last night. 5 to 4 Also Jesse Winker and Nick Castano. Survey. NDA National League All Stars For the first time since 2013 the Reds have two All Star starters. The Reds will open up a key three game series up against the Cubs tonight. Alec Mills up against Sonny Gray has first start since the groin injury. June 8th 700 WLW coverage with sports talk in the RL carriers inside pitch at 6 10 Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show after the game. Build Anderson 700 WLW sport I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology. Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider of I T solutions.

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