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Glory. Now announcing her majesty the Queen of Christmas land fills in uniform to burst through the door, followed by the Queen a polar bear and the most elegant polar bear Holly had ever seen. She wore a deep red robe and golden crown conductor. What is the meaning of this? I swear I saw you in the street just a moment ago. Oh, holy sprinkles. Is this guest? Tell me what is your name Holly? Holly, your highness, please. Please. Please don't eat me. Holy. You look about you. My dear. Have we met before? Well, I wasn't mouse in the third grade pageant, did you see that? No, I'm afraid. No don't know. What to tell you then? Well, I digress conductor. You cannot just detain people. The Christmas council will take care of that. So then what are the joy and peace keepers for keeping an eye out for litterbugs, helping pseudo penguins cross the street that thing, but definitely not detaining people. Who's doing? What was that? Nothing your highness. Right. You are conductor now Holly, and Cornelius you can come with me and conductor, please, no more hostages. Yes. Your highness. The Queen that Holly in Cornelius back to the town square, which was packed with people could gather to admire the tree Holly glanced up at the castle studying the beautiful ornate, stained glass windows. Hey, Cornelius the reindeer, and that's Englisman kind of looks like my dog and the woman in that one with the Christmas pageant, she looks just like my grandma and Ubombo snow in that huge one looks exactly like my brother. The really amazing, aren't they? Speaking of amazing take a look at that tree. It's incredibly her majesty ever years. You just out tape self neat. Isn't it? Some of my best work yet. If I do say so myself check, oh that's star star. Dr. Star. Wait, Cornelius your majesty. I made a wish the Christmas star. I wished for Christmas every day. Do you think that could be why fell through the archway? Wish magic is a tricky thing. Even I only know about it. I'm considered something of an expert on the topic. But if the star you wished upon the Christmas. Cut that out right now the Christmas stars myth, and you know, it excuse me, sir. But please do not address the Queen like that. Okay. But it is time for the human to leave. I've just come from the archway, and it's finally working again. So she needs to go before anything else goes wrong. Oh, don't listen to him. Holly. None of this is your fault. I'm sure you'll being here is just a fluke you pass back through that archway Ulli forgo back to normal. And so it's been a pleasure to meet you though. Kony? A million questions for the Queen. But she knew it was time to she looked to the archway where snow was now swirling inside merry Christmas. Holly. Christmas. And goodbye..

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