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Day Eric Hanson in for Mike today, let's get back to Micah's. He talked about progress toward a vaccine and about a gym owner who understands what it means to be free. Plus, some callers reacted that caller Charlie from earlier in the show. Here's Mike Mike Gallagher, a Charlie in New Jersey. Wake up smell other coffee Trump wins. Well, we'll see Charlie's either right or Charlie is going to be is wrong as he was in 2016. I mean, listen, if you think The Charlies in America were upset. The morning after the election of 2016. What do you think they'll do if Trump gets reelected in 2020. What do you think? What do you think will happen if Americans are watching the riots throughout America? If Americans were finally able to Brian breathe a sigh of relief that the Corona virus cases start declining over the next few months, the economy comes back. Starts to come back anyway. I mean, listen, we're in trouble and I'm not trying to minimize it. Do you think the Charlies of the world are going? I mean, trump sitting around twiddling his thumbs. Right, Charlie? How about Trump? He was in Morris Will North Carolina. Visiting a big biotech innovation center. Fuji Films. Biotechnologies Innovation Center. As this race continues to develop vaccines for Corona virus here is the president were mass producing all of the most promising vaccine candidates in advance. So that on the day one that it's approved It will be available to the American people immediately, and we'll probably have a lot for a lot of other people throughout the world. The world is suffering from this China virus. Another dimension of operation. Warp speed is our focus on therapeutics to treat the virus over 140 clinical trials are underway. Then a number of effective therapies have already been developed and widely delivered. Including Ramdev severe, which is having a tremendous impact. Here's more from the president. That Charlie says, Is it doing anything and not responding properly to Corona virus in America? We need all Americans to be conscious about their actions and to exercise extreme vigilance. I trust all Americans to do the right thing, But we strongly advise everyone to especially especially focus on maintaining a social distance, maintaining rigorous hygiene. Avoid large gatherings and crowded into our bars and where masks when appropriate. We also strongly urged citizens to take extra precautions to shield those At highest risk, which are In most cases, in many cases, the elderly, especially the elderly, with Medical problems such as heart or diabetes. Now and I'm I'll give Ah, I'll give the trump haters. A dose of somebody they love. They love Dr Anthony Fauci. It seems pretty apparent that Fauci and Trump have have deferred to some extent, although I think there there conflict has been dramatically over exaggerated by Trump haters little, but let's listen to Foulke. Because the president was talking about The N E. And and the president said this for the last few months, the record the historic epic speed with which researchers are developing vaccines. Here's with Dr Fauci told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. This is a phase three trial wolf, which is determined to find out if, in fact the vaccine works. In addition to getting information further on safety, the safety data thus far looks good. But now it's crunch time we're trying to figure out does it actually work? So it's a 30,000 person trial, 15,000 will get the vaccine. 15,000 will get a placebo. This is truly wolf record time. Truly record time. Who gets credit for that, huh? Not never trump Never trump Not if you are politically motivated. Teo. To hope that the hope for the worst for America and that's the worst part of that's the part that hurts the most. It really does. It absolutely hurts. Hurts to see Riots destruction. Police assaulted It hurts. I mean, I normal people don't lift this up. Normal people don't think these are good. He's your good things Normal people don't think the NEWJERSEY gym owner The guy that owns Catalysts gym in New Jersey should be arrested. They've been and listen to what this guy said. That might be. A rallying cry for every American Here's the owner of the Adolescent Jim on Tucker Carlson's show. Last night on Fox News. Tucker asked this guy Ian Smith. Why? Why? Why have you stood up? To New Jersey. Governor Murphy. Why have you stood up? To those who say you're not allowed to be open and incidentally If New Jersey's doing so great How could a gym still be forced to shut down? So when Tucker Carlson asked the gym owner Why he has resisted the way he has. Perhaps his answer. Will be etched in the hearts and minds of every American. Here's what he said. Because I'm not afraid of tyrants. And no Americans should be because we outnumber them greatly and the only thing that they run off of his fear, which is why you see what you see in the media where they're pumping fear into the Corona virus. When what they should be pumping his solutions. They don't do that They don't ever offer any solutions. It's where a mask shut up and wait for a vaccine that's not public health. And I won't subscribe to it. Wow. Wow. Isn't that like, Isn't it like a like like Sava on a wound? Isn't that like like tonic? Can we play that again? Paths I want. I want to hear this guy one more time. This New Jersey gym owner They arrested this guy. Simply because he's trying to give Not only his employees a paycheck, but people who want to go to a gym. The ability to work out and I've watched all this play out on Tucker show. Tucker's had this guy on a lot. They hold all the thousands and thousands pounds of pounds of equipment out into the parking lot. They tried to jump through every hoop in New Jersey put up One more time. May these words be practically etched in stone. Tucker Carlson to Ian Smith, the gym owner. Why have you done what you've done? Because I'm not afraid of tyrants. And no Americans should be because we outnumber them greatly and the only thing that they run off of his fear, which is why you see what you see in the media where they're pumping fear into the Corona virus. When what they should be pumping his solutions. They don't do that They don't ever offer any solutions. It's where a mask shut up and wait for a vaccine. That's not public health and I won't subscribe to it. In in Charlie's world. We let criminals out because we don't want them to get Cove ID. So we let we let People out of jail. But we arrest Responsible. Professional gym owner. That's uh That's New Jersey. Ron Europe run. Welcome to the Mike Gallagher show. I just wanted to say if Charlie is so smart, he must know the right way to respond. So why isn't he sharing that with the world? Good question, Walter, you're next day, Walter. Yes, that guy Charlie from New Jersey. He has an insatiable desire. Just like all of these Nevertrump eight is and the other thing that amazes me is not for nothing. But John Lewis was I am assuming his part of the Black Caucus, But his relevant statement about Trump is an illegitimate president. Why would Charlie If he subscribes to this. What? Trump was an illegitimate president? Go to the rotunda and see the body and state? I mean, please, and listen, Listen, I'm a Democrat. I've been a Democrat all my life, but these people have lost their minds. The Democrat Party is so far over the top. I can't even Hackett. And guess what? I'm not a pretty thought. My wife was always on the fence with this. He's never voted in her life. 71. She's gonna vote this site and guess when she's voting for she's turned. She is voting for president. She's She's not alone. Walter Aiken Guarantee you. There's a lot of Americans who feel the way you feel in the way your wife feels and we'll say, I mean, listen, I have no crystal ball. I'm I'm cautiously optimistic..

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