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Last year went man I just I just think Sunday is going to is is just a stick of dynamite. In a good way. I hope only in a good way. It's unique to write like when's the last time I mean, there are games we've been hyped for they just playing the F C championship game. But like because of this, not because like words, we can't wait to see what happens. But like you just can't get way to get in there. Like right. I too. I talked about that a little bit last week on the nightcap, and I was having trouble coming up with anything Even Even remotely close. The closest I got to was Game one in the 06 playoffs against Philly, and that maybe was for me more so than than others because I was 12 at the time, and I really didn't remember either team in a playoff game. So for me that was like The first playoff game, like Let's just see what that looks like in there, and I can't wait for just the atmosphere itself. This is more of that, like I can't wait for the atmosphere, and I don't know when. The last time that's happened for either team. It certainly hasn't happened for the hockey demon. Well. No, no. And and, you know, But of course, you know you mentioned earlier. Like anticipating the 07 season like was the only other time in your life. You've had this sort of anticipation like those of us who are like closer to my age. Like, you know, 50 ish. I'm going to go 50 issue like that. Uh, 50 inch your stolen 50 ish range, right? Go in 60 years on 56. I'm okay about 50 years. Um, you know, we had those years in a row there from like 88 through really 99, where it was Just mostly every year you had some expectation. If they were going to be really, really good. And then you know, of course, the drought started and we went all that time. You know the hockey teams had their moments, of course, but It just It just pales in comparison. You know, I mean, I love hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport. Um, but I recognize where it just sits on the landscape, even in Buffalo like we love hockey. We love youth hockey. We love the You know, we love we love the NHL. We still love the Sabres. We hate them right now because we love them. Um, so we're a passionate hockey market. But like, you know, football is the NFL. It's just where it ranks. Nationally on the stage. It is the show. It's a much bigger show in a much bigger deal to be a big deal in that league than it is in hockey. Like as far as your profile goes and so to have this, um, coming at a time when you're Coming off of a season where you couldn't even go to the games. If you want to do is just it's such a great It's just such a great opportunity. I think for fans to like, make make memories. It's a great opportunity for the team. To make, you know it just create a memory for everybody, Uh, there's going to be out there and I just think it's going to be an all time special day. I really, really do. And that's you know, not knowing how the game is going to go. You know, I mean, it's obviously if it doesn't go the way you wanted to go. A lot of the steam gets taken out of what a memorable day it was. Instance, it becomes. It's like Quint, essentially the guy at the grocery store that I just talked about half an hour ago that can't wait to tell you how what's going to go wrong and what the demise is going to be and all that. Like. All right, dude, um You know, so you got to get the performance and you got to get the win and start the season off on the right foot. But I don't think going into a sporting event. There has been this part there's never been. It's unprecedented to have not been able to go to the games. So you have this anticipation he had the season. That was that was so great that you couldn't go to you can only you couldn't touch it. You could watch it. You couldn't really get there, and now you've got another season. That's about to start. On the heels of that memorable, incredible season that has deservedly high expectations. And like your you get to go to it, And I mean you just You hope you never have this situation again, obviously, because it would mean you didn't get to go to games for a whole year. But it is a really unique opportunity, and I just hope everybody makes the absolute most of it, Man because it is just the weather is going to be perfect. The opponent's perfect The bills. I mean, what? What? What are you supposed to be worried about? What? The bills Right now There's not to say like this is going to be a joy ride. Okay? I'm not saying that, but like You know, I might. You know how we we do this? Sal asked me that question on the show earlier 10 to 12 and I didn't have a good answer, right? Like what would you be worried about, like we we? We had our moments in the spring with I wanted Travis Ctn and Mike was worried that that would mean what that they're that they're going to give him the ball. If you're going to draft a guy 30th first round running back Well, then you're going to run it more than you have. Last year, and that's a problem. Well, not only did they not draft that running back, they didn't get a chance to draft that running back, I argued. Every time this. This subject came up like why, I don't think that they're going to change who they are. Just because they draft the running back. They're drafting or running back because he can help them. Do everything they want to do. That would be why you would do it. Um, but anyway, that didn't happen. There's no reason to me to think that the bills are going to change philosophically who they are. I think maybe the one thing that that might give you some pause is how McDermott handled the fourth down situations in the FC title game like Is that a troubling sign? That he is reverting to some more conservative traditional approach because they the bills were very aggressive on fourth downs appropriately so last season, and you know it played some part in their success. Gave themselves a better chance to keep drives alive and score more points. So they were. They were good at that, and they sort of backed away from it. In the big spot. McDermott really backed away from it in the big spot. I would bet He spent a lot of time thinking.

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