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And the show you cannot do that with my pick is Kathleen's picked I've met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with I've never seen her before here you will choose someone nice to hear from you without ever seeing so while the clippers playing Kathleen was feverishly drinking water homely backwater in putting your arms in the air like Hey yeah what are we listening to well that was the voice of Nicole Shea from at ninety eight degrees the boy band ninety eight degrees yeah of course and it is a show called love is blind and is about singles who date without having seen each other at all they also get engaged without having seen each other and the first time they see their fiance is after they're engaged they live with each other for a month and then they get married one yeah people wonder why divorce rate four percent of this fascinating social experiment John did not like that they call it an experiment is not scientific but it is I just listen I love the bachelor I understand people who love ninety day fiance married at first do you feel it's a for sure yeah no I just love shows where we have to watch people flirt because I think that is where we are at our most vulnerable and most awkward and it is fascinating to watch also I want to be watch people make out think that they're in love that's my whole here's what I'll say about love is Mike seven watching as well I think all these people are psychos or do they have like narcissistic personality disorders but in that sense the shows was a valuable function because it gets all these people off the streets and off the dating app I have to deal with them and they can all live in their sort of weird little house together I mean you're not wrong but it's fascinating but I want to go because I feel like I think you're making a point here is that the did picks that John and I have have some sort of like a deeper meaning behind it and I want to watch people get along John must watch people you know to look after their enterprise and I just want to watch people make and you're saying that you're saying that reality TV though really just should be just turn your brain off absolutely I think every other genre gets to have their soap operas or they're wrestling or they're kind of lowbrow this is just junk foods and this is the junk food of television and I think it's a really bad rap and it's it's okay it's okay to like some trash I like them getting the high ground here is like watching bar rescue reading Swann's way under some yeah I think we have one minute left on the only redeeming words for reality TV outlaw CDS I think that reality TV has had a net deleterious effect on the culture I feel like it has generally made us all a bit stupider and lowered our standards but I think that that's fine I think that there's always this like thing where we have to justify the things that we like and say well this isn't trash this is actually good for some reason we have to create some sort of idea but why it's tolerable I think that in the same way that you might enjoy eating a big mac it's fine to watch reality TV and maybe twenty eight only big macs I agree but I don't actually think it's making us more stupid or dumber because a lot of really smart people couldn't myself like the shows and you can look at it like you can look at it for what it is for eating a big mac can still be a healthy person have a big mac every now and then every now and then every now and then every now and then thanks for coming in good to be here Kathleen Newman for Maggie Johnson we both write about arts and culture they're gonna go argue some more and eat big macs the Q. screen panel is back next Monday the devil I know Alex has a new album out called Cape Cod just came out last week thanks Tom Howard unison Q. now you can tune into W. M. Y. C. without the tuning all you need is your voice and a smart speaker just say play W. NYC and you'll hear your favorite radio.

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