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Lawson respectively. I'm Julian Rogers next report at 4 58 and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. My Lord is excited. Some rain in the forecast. I'm NBC five chief meteorologist, Right, Mitchell. This looks a little more widespread than just the pop up showers and storms. We've been seeing the forecast tonight partly to mostly cloudy. A chance for showers late tonight after midnight alot of 77 tomorrow. Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. Ah high of 91 which is below normal for this time of year. Wednesday Partly cloudy 20% chance for a thunderstorm high once In the lower nineties. Thursday looks dry. Partly cloudy, mid nineties and Friday partly cloudy of 20% chance for some showers and thunderstorms and a high of 94 90 degrees here. K R l D no matter when you get in the car were the only station that brings you news. Traffic and weather all day news radio 10 80 k r. D for 51. Hope You have a great Monday. Glad you're here with us on the Carroll The afternoon news, you know, although Hannah has continued to weaken after being down great. From the hurricane. The storms still brought very heavy rain and flash flooding to areas of south Texas and northern Mexico. Michelle Garcia was evacuated from her home in Weslaco as it flooded. I think it was around 12 in the boat came to come get us if we have to call them to come. I was like what was already from where the last thing in some parts of northern Mexico could also see another 4 to 8 inches of rain and mudslides. Rangers dropped to the 1st 3 games of the new ballpark over the weekend. Now they get more back. At news. Cory Clubber is hurt. He had an M R I last night figured out. He's got a great, too terrible.

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