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Well he's does a meticulous on emotional recount of every single one of his crimes he says stuff like you know i'm like your mother's age right now when i killed her what do you want to my supposed to relate to you but this the view no you are this guy is gonna either say nothing and give no one any sort of satisfaction or he'll spill has got so everybody worships what a fucking evil genius he is and we'll see how that plays out yeah hopefully there's not too many i will say you know he doesn't have like the bundy look snow i don't think they'll be that band club that oftentimes arounds people who are even just mildly attract no no no no no i don't think so i don't think he's going to have any sort of sexual mystique going down the line because he's got that he's got golfers face yes seventy two year old golfer smith bagel like just a flat flat we all know about the micro penis was also certain doesn't make him like the happiest no no i mean because that seems to be the first imagine you spend all this time being devious piece shit and you think that your wreaking havoc across the whole world and the main thing people know about us at you have a micro penis yeah first thing they know will in a strange way usually i would say gossip let's not even talk about it but in this case it's kind of burp next the case i took part of the case at some point a police officer had to put him in another room where they took his pants out and they had to be like small is it and then they have to classify it as because micro if i'm not mistaken so rarely am that's a medical term i believe mightly because it's just like no that's just a tiny one that might grow on my grows if you take your pants off edges verne troyer head despite it.

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